Military wife collects gloves for deployed Marines


    CAMP LEJEUNE, NC (WWAY) — The winter months are cold months in Afghanistan. When the desert sun goes down, temperatures dive too. But one military spouse is doing her part to help those serving a deployment.

    Angelina Cole explained just some of the heartbreak that comes with a deployment.

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    “He’s missed my son’s first steps,” she said. “He was actually able to say Da-Da for the first time before my husband left.”

    Cole’s husband is serving with the United States Marine Corps in Afghanistan. He should be home some time in February, but until then he’ll miss the warmth of family and friends. So there is no reason he or any member of the military should be cold on top of that.

    The Marine Corps does issue gloves, but Angelina Cole said they’re not always the perfect fit.

    “I started this drive almost a month ago and the response has been overwhelming.”

    With each box she seals, Angelina is warming the hearts and hands of the deployed, including her husband Alex.

    The gloves are symbolic hands to hold between phone calls.

    “With technology it’s been a bit easier, but it’s still hard not having him in person,” she said through tears.

    Angelina asks for gloves with extra insulation or nice grips, because Marines often work with their hands. Donated items are pouring in, extending beyond gloves to include socks, food and letters.

    Though no single item will fill the void that comes with being away from home, for the deployed, it sure helps knowing people care.

    “It’s really nice to know that people are out there being sincere and want to help and just thank people for what they do,” Angelina said.

    If you would like to donate gloves or other items to Angelina, contact her via email: