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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A smell coming from a pool in a New Hanover County neighborhood has one homeowner fuming mad.

Bonnie Narron is hosting Thanksgiving this year for 15 people. Every year her family has a tradition of playing backyard games.

“We go out back, and we play cornhole,” Narron said. “We have our NC State one and our Carolina one. It’s a family divided.”

But this year Narron fears that may not be possible because of a foul smell coming from the pool of a foreclosed house next door.

“I don’t even think there is a word we could find to use to describe to the smell,” she said.

Narron says the home was foreclosed last fall. In December she contacted the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, and contractors from Bank of America came to clean up the yard.

“What you see right now is Landfall material compared to what it looked like,” Narron said.

The deputy said there was nothing he could do about the pool and suggested she contact the county’s Environmental Health Services.

“I have called and begged and pleaded, but I haven’t gotten anywhere,” Narron said.

Calling and begging she says has gone unanswered in 11 months.

Three months ago another Bank of America contractor came out to put a cover on the pool, but she says this just bandages the real problem.

“What’s over there can’t be treated,” Narron said. “They may have to use a backhoe to get what’s ever out of there out, because I think the stuff is that thick.”

The county’s Code Enforcement Department referred us to Environmental Health Services.

Environmental Health Services Manager Dianne Harvell says they cannot 100 percent say the odor is coming from the pool and have contacted Housing and Urban Development, which owns the home, to come meet them on the property to investigate.

Harvell said they also contacted CFPUA because there is a sewer main behind the house.


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