Hagan raising money with VP as GOP criticism rises


    Associated Press

    RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan is wrapping up a difficult week both defending and criticizing the health care overhaul with a return to North Carolina to raise money for her re-election campaign with help from Vice President Joe Biden.

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    Biden was slated to attend a Friday event in Chapel Hill with Hagan, who’s been criticized roundly by Republicans who consider her vulnerable in 2014. They’re highlighting comments she made as the health legislation worked its way through Congress. They were similar to President Barack Obama’s vow that people who liked their current insurance would be able to keep it.

    Republican primary hopeful Thom Tillis wants Hagan to release documents from her committee work on the bill. Another GOP challenger – the Rev. Mark Harris – on Friday called for Hagan’s resignation.

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