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HOLDEN BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The holiday travel season has already gotten off to a deadly start. One person died in an accident along Holden Beach Rd. in Brunswick County this morning.

Investigators say a wet road contributed to the crash. Now one family is mourning the loss of a loved one, while another driver faces criminal charges.

“It was just tragic. It’s a holiday weekend, and you think that would never happen to you,” said Kathyrine Donaldson, who says she was working at her desk at Aire Serv Heating and Air Conditioning on NC 130 in Holden Beach when she heard a loud bang.

“I immediately got on my cell phone and called 911 and noticed the car had flipped over and was in the ditch, and they were trying to pull people out, and they were just screaming,” Donaldson said.

Highway Patrol says Mark Teague, 25, of Supply, died in the crash. Troopers say Teague and his wife were traveling on Holden Beach Rd. just before 10 a.m.

They say a car driven by Rhonda Varnam, 52, of Supply, hydroplaned and crossed the center line and hit the Teagues’ car.

Donaldson says she believes the two cars hit head-on.

“The turn is really sharp, so I can just assume that one of them crossed over, and with the roads being wet and trying to scoot back over, it just didn’t really happen,” she said.

Teague’s wife and Varnam were transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. There’s no update yet on their condition.

Highway Patrol says Varnam will be charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.

The highway patrol says last year 15 motorists were killed and 391 were injured on North Carolina highways during the holiday season.


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  • Britney Teague

    My husband and I where on our way to Holden Beach Food Lion when we got hit. The road was slippery we were going between 40 45 Road Condition when my husbands last words to me was ” Oh MY GOD BRITNEY” that’s when we got hit. I remember the glass flying and we came to a stop. I remember my grandpa telling me if your in a car accident always try to turn the car off, so I did and after I did I looked over and saw my husband. as I looked his head was up then his head dropped down his eyes closed. There was so much blood poring out of his nose mouth and ears! AN IMAGE that I WILL NEVER FORGET! As the lady pulled me out all I can say or do was lye there and scream for my husband. “GET HIM HE”S BLEEDING BAD PLEASE GET HIM. Well My HUSBAND died instantly there was no saving him. As I lay in the hospital bed all I can think about is where is my husband is he ok, then I get a phone call my mother in law ” HOW are you” she said HOW is mark how is my husband where is he at” I said. ” no honey he’s not honey he’s dead” I screamed and screamed No NO NO. now because of this woman negligence on her part with her bald tiers driving to fast for road conditions now I have to explain to our 2 year old Mark Your daddy is dead because a woman was negligent and because of her you will never see your daddy buy daddy is with you always in your heart and he is looking down on you. he lives in a land where there Is no pain where our lord lives he walks with Jesus. I DREAD the day I have to explain what happened because I know I will break down. Christmas the 25 was our 2 years of being married I will never feel the same bout Christmas again nor any holiday in that matter. To the woman who did this to my family “WHY, HOW COULD YOU?” how I feel is that im still waiting for him to come home I still look for him. Thank you for reading this I hope you all understand that life is to short and you never know when its your time so say I love you as much as you can and forgive one another.

  • unknown

    For those who is commenting on here. The 52 year old woman was passing a vehicle while going around that corner while is was raining when she did she had lost control do to the road conditions and being her tires having no tread and hit the other vehicle head on. She was, is at fault! For those is posting on here ” How can she be charged?” NOW YOU KNOW THE FACTS!

  • angelmom3302011

    Its so easy to call wrecks an accident but its not its more like I was irresponsible and now because I was not paying attention , driving to fast or whatever you were doing besides driving cautiously and paying attention someone is dead. I know first hand the heartache that comes from the irresponsible people behind the wheel of a deadly machine can cause others. My 16 year old daughter was killed 3 years ago just a few feet from her destination on a country road with the sun shining no rain no clouds perfect conditions if you can call it that but the 20 year old driver of an over sized dodge truck traveling 55 mph smashed into the front of the small compact car she was riding in with a friend. He was distracted but for a split second and her life was over. He was charged with a misdemeanor and lost his NCDL for one year and ordered to do community service that’s it. At best it was an inconvenience for a year but other than that it cost him nothing. I lost my only daughter my best friend and the world lost a beautiful young woman full of potential and promise. He remains alive and healthy and a drain on tax payers because he was already on probation for a felony charge. He did the wrong thing but lost nothing . We no longer hold people responsible for what they do we make excuses for them and get them therapy . Our society has become enablers for criminals and misfits and we will until people stand up and say enough is enough and make individuals responsible for what they do and stop giving everyone who breaks the law a pill and timeout.

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