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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina schools are losing teachers and adding more students.

New school data shows there were nearly 96,000 teachers in North Carolina working with more than 1.5 million students as of October.

State schools chief finance officer Philip Price says that means schools need an additional 740 teachers if the extra 17,000 students are divided into classrooms of 23 each.

Karey Harwood of the advocacy group Public Schools First says the trend of more students and fewer teachers has been underway for several years, increasing class sizes, making it more difficult for teachers to be effective, and potentially hurting student performance.

An annual teacher turnover report discussed Wednesday by the state school board says almost 14,000 teachers left their jobs last year, primarily to teach somewhere else.

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  • gcassidy

    What you are forgetting guest, is that all students are not created equal. Those of us at at-risk schools hope for growth rather than passage because most of our children can barely cope with school because they come from unimaginable home lives and no support at home. So, is it fair to compare me to a teacher with no at risk students who has a high passage rate? You are comparing apples to oranges.
    Most of our students are behind, half are on medication of one type or another and struggle to get through the day.
    On the topic of getting something for nothing….Most of the teachers at my school also work 10 to 12 hour days, use their planning period for meetings with parents or copying. Half our staff comes in on Saturdays and all teachers work at home a couple hours a night and on weekends. Summers are 1 and a half months long, usually spent preparing for the next year or recovering from the last. We work over breaks at home or go into school. We are not asking for something for nothing but a fair wage. I have been a teacher for 12 years (second career), I have a master’s degree and am a Nationally Board Certified Teacher and I still only make 42,000 dollars a year. As a single parent of two teenagers I have two other jobs to support them. I made more in my 5th year in business when I was 25 years old and that was 20 years ago. Does that sound like a fair deal? Does that sound like we want something for nothing? If I was working in Ohio (my home state) I would be making $20,000 dollars more with a union behind me and I would not have to work 3 jobs to support my family and I might even see them more just for crossing a few state borders. That is ridiculous. How many attorneys or professionals do you know start out at a wage the same as an office secretary and have to go back to school just to get a raise, work 13 years to climb to the wage of a first year professional in other jobs? NC hasn’t given raises for 5 years and yet our responsibilities and accountabilities keep growing. Does that sound fair…obviously, you don’t know many teachers and what we really do or the type of students all of us are teaching.

  • Abby

    WELCOME to the debasement of education for your child. The citizens of North Carolina are going to get what they deserve – in spades!!!

  • bigaltheterp@gmail.com

    There is plenty of money for teachers. It is just a matter of teachers standing up to conservative greed and claiming resources for education rather than letting legislators claim resources for banker/corporate greed. In the banking capitol of the US that is NC, It has literally come down to private school v. public school. It really makes you wonder who is hounding these education articles, boo-hooing people who justifiably don’t want NC to be last in teacher pay.

  • Guest7969

    You certainly haven’t looked at the budget and compared it to past education budgets…have you!? Also, the Democrats have put us in the mess we’re in right now….THEIR leadership got our system EXACTLY in the shape it’s in!

  • Guest7969

    that TEACH…should take a step back and ACTUALLY do some research on just what the State passed…it INCREASED money to education…It made AUTOMATIC bonuses and pay raises go away and made it based on performance…WELCOME to the real world where you don’t get something for nothing!

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