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CHARLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — The family of a teen killed in what has been deemed an accidental shooting two years ago in Columbus County has filed a lawsuit against the maker of the rifle blamed in her death. Two other women hurt in the shooting have joined in the lawsuit against Remington Arms Company, LLC.

Jasmine Thar, 16, of Charlotte, died Dec. 23, 2011, when a single bullet fired from inside a house across the street hit her, Treka McMillian and Jah’mesha McMillian as they stood in a Chadbourn driveway getting ready to go Christmas shopping.

James Blackwell, who lived across the street, told Chadbourn Police his Remington Model 700 rifle fired without pulling the trigger.

Earlier this year prosecutors announced they would not charge Blackwell with a crime after an investigation determined Thar’s death was the product of an accidental discharge resulting in an unintended consequence.


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  • Steve

    Im real sorry for the loss of the young lady. But its not the gun companys fault. Guns dont kill people people kill people. If the guy would of handled it right im sure this would not have happend. I was allways tault to point your gun towards the ground. untill your ready to shoot.I can only bet this guy was excited with his new toy. waving it around loaded. and it when off. Im sure he did not mean to hurt the girl.But ive never known one to ever go off unless you cock them first. or chamber a bullet. They are not spring loaded you have to pull the trigger.

  • sniper1

    I’m completely behind the family on this one. The cops and the gun manufacturer can’t be both right. I still think this was involuntary manslaughter, but if it’s not, then it is absolutely the fault of the gun. I have shot a zillion rounds through the 700 Remington, and nothing like that ever happened. Do you really think it was the gun?

  • Guest2020

    If they were suing the gun maker for someone choosing to pull the trigger and kill someone, then I would be against this suit. This lawsuit is about a manufacturer putting out a defective product that resulted in someone’s death. I can’t say that a I blame the family or the surviving victims. It’s no different than suing an auto maker for putting out a car with defective brakes.

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