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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A day after a Bald Head Island ferry ran aground hurting more than a dozen people, the boat is still stranded on a sandbar. Meanwhile we are no closer to finding out who the captain was or what caused the grounding.

“We’re on the Bald Head Island ferry,” a 911 caller told a dispatcher after the accident Tuesday morning. “It has come to an abrupt stop in the channel, and we have injured people thrown to the deck. We’ve got a broken nose. Passengers were thrown to the floor.”

Lt. Lane Munroe says Coast Guard investigators are looking into what may have caused the crash.

“We’re going to look into any causative factors, whether they be environmental, mechanical, or personnel driven,” he said. “And we’re going to base that for future actions for the coast guard to look at all ferry traffic within the state.”

Bald Head Island Transportation attempted to move the ferry Wednesday morning, but were unsuccessful. Lt. Monroe says the Coast Guard is working closely with the owners to develop a new plan to salvage the boat.

Meanwhile Bald Head Island Limited spokeswoman Joyce Fulton says the company will not release the captain’s name until the Coast Guard investigation is complete. She says sharing the captain’s name is inappropriate at this time.

The Coast Guard also will not release the captain’s name. Monroe says they would not want anyone speculating on what happened and why before the investigation is complete, but he says there is no way to tell how long the investigation will take.

Fulton says all 13 victims were treated and released from the hospital by late Tuesday afternoon. She says Bald Head Island Limited hopes to try again to move the ferry tomorrow morning.


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  • Guest Reply Redux

    Except you have to call Russia to get one. Or…they could have filled the Ferry with large Helium balloons and Cherry Point could have helped lift it out. They are right up the street aren’t they???

  • Guest Vader

    Several years ago, BHI helped sweep the Devina Buff Jones tragedy under the carpet for fear of bad publicity, now they are keeping the name of a boat captain who made a pretty big mistake secret. As a former employee of BHI, I can assure you that the captain is not always running the boat.

  • guest45

    there is one positive thing to be noticed in the picture, whoever did the “stability” letter got it right, that is a stable hull.

  • Gramps1945

    The ship set ground, on the shore of this uncharted, desert isle…..


    Proof!Ignorance is bliss! We are not necessarily talking about the ferry captain here!

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