DHHS sent nearly 49,000 Medicaid cards for kids to wrong addresses


    WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services says it mailed nearly 49,000 new Medicaid cards for children to the wrong people.

    DHHS says the cards show the child’s name, Medicaid identification number, date of birth and primary care physician.

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    Effective January 1, due to new eligibility rules, 70,253 children were switched from NC Health Choice to Medicaid. As a result, the DHHS issued new Medicaid cards to these affected recipients who transitioned from NC Health Choice to Medicaid. The department says 48,752 of those cards went to the wrong address.

    In a news release, DHHS says it has begun a careful review of the incident to determine how it happened and to ensure personal information is protected. DHHS says it knows exactly which Medicaid cards were sent to which addresses, and is rapidly working to issue correct Medicaid cards.

    DHHS says the incident does not affect Medicaid coverage, and benefits are not affected. Medicaid recipients who have received incorrect Medicaid cards will be sent a correct Medicaid card with specific instructions on what to do with the incorrect Medicaid card. In the meantime, children needing services without a correct Medicaid ID card can use their NC Health Choice ID number or card, which is still valid. Providers are also able to verify eligibility in order to deliver services.