Owner blames logs in river for sinking his boat, business


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A boat docked in the Cape Fear River sank last night and is still there today.

Crews spent hours this afternoon trying to salvage the boat named Sea Star. All that is visible above the water is the boat’s roof. It was a bed and breakfast known as the Jubilee Snooze & Cruise, which also helped support ministry work around Wilmington.

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The boat’s owner blames logs in the Cape Fear for sinking his ship.

“There were lots of logs in the river yesterday. Lots of logs,” Thurman Burgess said. “A few years ago, the (Army) Corps of Engineers used to clean up the river, but they stopped doing that. We don’t have the funds to do that anymore.”

Burgess says the logs may have hit the boat’s shaft creating an entrance for water. He lost his boat, his business and his ministry.

An Army Corps of Engineers spokesman was not available today to comment on Burgess’s claim.