Teacher of the Week: Lisa Gattuso


CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WWAY) — News that she is the Teacher of the Week was enough to silence Ms. Lisa Gattuso and her normally loud classroom. “I’m shocked,” she said. “Obviously I have the best students in the world. I’m so grateful, thank you.”

The WWAY crew stuck around long enough to hear the music pick up again after the initial surprise. And as you hear the beat…you’re hearing the sound of students coming into their own.

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“It gives them an outlet to express their creativity,” Gattuso said. “It combines every subject in the school: math, science, history. Everything is involved here.”

But grooming talent takes money she explained, “We need strings and rock stops and different supplies to help our instruments stay in good shape.”

That’s where sponsors, McDonald’s, Corning Credit Union, Scarless Vein Care and Teacher’s Aid step in by providing a gift card worth $400. But this week there is an added bonus for Ms. Gattuso.

“We, Lisa, also had one of your families make a donation,” Holly Shelter Middle School Principal Sherry Pinto said. “Because you’ve worked with her first daughter and now there’s another one coming through. So on behalf of the Womble family…they have donated $500 more. Your program is receiving $900 today.”

The classroom erupted into cheers…the sound of proud students. Now add an instrument or two and you’ve got the best Orchestra class around.

“Music is my passion. I’ve always wanted to a be a music teacher since I was their age and its just my joy to pass on my knowledge and love of music to other kids.”