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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce joined forces with the Wilmington Chamber Foundation to announce a new program designed to keep kids off the streets during summer months. During a breakfast with community leaders and business professionals, they served up the details.

During the summer months, children typically find themselves with too much free time, which research shows can often lead to bad behavior. That’s why the launch of the Youth Enrichment Zone Summer Initiative is a needed program in the community according to Connie Majure-Rhett from the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.

“It literally is designed to give children in the morning of the summer educational enrichment and in the afternoon other activity enrichment,” Majure-Rhett said.

But the program, which is designed to keep kids busy and surrounded by positive role models, will cost money. This morning the Chamber of Commerce and Wilmington Chamber Foundation called on District Attorney Ben David to share what he sees in the courtroom and his ideas for curbing violence. He challenged attendees to pledge time and money to get the program off the ground.


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