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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The threat of winter weather is already causing havoc with flight schedules around the region, including at Wilmington International Airport.

More than a dozen arrivals and departures have been canceled at ILM, including some flights between the Port City and Charlotte, Washington, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Other flights between Atlanta and Charlotte are running, though some have been delayed.

ILM Operations Director Gary Broughton says more flight statuses could change throughout the day. He suggests keeping an eye on the airport’s website and checking with your airline if you have travel plans.

Broughton says the airport has plenty of anti-icer and de-icer for runways, as well as four snow plows ready. He says crews will focus on using one runway based on the prevailing winds. Broughton says if airlines want to get planes in and out of ILM, they can. He says the airlines are also well stocked with de-icer for aircraft.


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