Always open, Waffle House offers refuge in the storm


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While the snow continued to fall outside early this morning,many people took cover inside a toasty-warm Waffle House off Market St. in Wilmington to defrost and chow down.

“I’m from Florida,” one diner said. “I’m not used to this cold.”

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But snow did not stop these people from enjoying a warm meal and a hot cup of coffee. One man says he woke up early to workout like he does every day.

“I came out to go to Planet Fitness to work out and just hoping they might still be open 24 hours today, and they weren’t,” he said.

Instead of burning calories, he decided to eat them.

Jorden Lawson walked to the Waffle House from Ringo Dr. to grab a bite to eat after his car had a little slip-up on the ice.

“The car just started drifting off, and we couldn’t do anything about it. Hit a curb, and it was slow, but I mean it scared everybody, and the front axel broke.”>

He says ice on the road is to blame.

“Coming around the corner, snow, sliding everywhere. Couldn’t really stay on the road anyway. Shouldn’t have been driving in the first place,” he said.

But Lawson says he and his friends are hanging in there and trying not to freeze.

“Being really cold. Other than that, I mean, bundle up,” Lawson said.

Waffle House says it is open 24 hours through the winter storm.

Many other businesses and restaurants will reopen as they can.