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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A day after a potent winter storm passed through southeastern North Carolina, the region is still gripped by the storm’s impact.

What little thawing of roads was possible yesterday, when temperatures never reached above the freezing point, refroze overnight. The region could see a repeat tonight.

Temperatures rose above freezing for a short time today giving road crews a chance to make some headway, but with temperatures dropping again, many people could find themselves homebound again tomorrow.

State and local governments continue to warn drivers not to head out unless they absolutely have to. Many schools, governments and businesses have closed again today for what is a third day off for many people.

In Wilmington, the Highway Patrol has warned drivers to avoid ice-covered Kerr Ave. near Bavarian and Farley drives. Troopers also issued a warning about Hale Swamp Road in Shallotte.

Also in Shallotte, the fire department says DOT crews have cleared Main Street at Naber Drive. Major icy conditions still exists on roadways in heavily wooded areas and some neighborhoods.

Brunswick County leaders have implored drivers to stay home. A firefighter reported several cars have slipped off Lanvale Rd. in Leland, and rescue crews are having trouble reaching them.

The NCDOT said the work crews did ahead of the storm to prepare roads has helped. Still many major roads were reduced to rutted sheets of ice. Meanwhile neighborhood streets look more like ice rinks than roadways.

Brandon Justice lives in Nashville, TN, but has spent the past several weeks traveling around the east coast helping to clear snow and ice from covered streets and parking lots.

“We started about 3 a.m., and what the ice melt basically does is we throw it down and it just breaks it up, that’s all it really does. That way we can come through and shovel it all off to the side,” Justice said.

A full thaw may not come until the weekend. The forecast is for a high temperature around 50 Friday with more warmth and even some rain moving in through Saturday and Sunday.

Stay with WWAY NewsChannel 3 for the latest on road conditions and the forecast.


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