President ready to sign long-awaited Farm Bill


    WASHINGTON, DC (WWAY) — After two years of bickering, our leaders on Capitol Hill have worked out a deal that could affect you the next time you go to the grocery store.

    Both sides of the aisle came together in the Senate today to pass a massive Farm Bill, which President Obama plans to sign. The House passed the bill last week.

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    “As with any compromise, the Farm Bill isn’t perfect, but on the whole, it will make a positive difference not only for the rural economies that grow America’s food, but for our nation,” Mr. Obama said in a statement.

    The nearly $100 billion a year Farm Bill will provide a financial cushion for farmers who face unpredictable weather and market conditions and makes a limited cut to food stamps.

    The final bill will also get rid of controversial subsidies known as direct payments. Those are paid to farmers whether they farm or not. Most of that program’s $4.5 billion annual cost would be redirected into new subsidies that would kick in when a farmer has losses.