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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For months north carolina teachers have been wearing Red for Ed. Today the governor and other top leaders promised more green for new teachers.

At a news conference this morning in Jamestown, Gov. Pat McCrory vowed to increase first-year pay for teachers and invest in education. McCrory and legislative leaders say they will commit about $200 million over the next two years to raise pay for starting teachers. The plan would bump the pay from about $31,000 to $35,000.

“When I entered the private sector, I learned that investments are needed for results to occur,” McCrory said. “Right now, in the past six years or so, North Carolina has not made the needed investments in its teachers.”

The goal is to keep good young teachers in the classroom, but one local educator says the raise does not fix the problem with veteran teacher pay.

“Every single person who is watching us right now has had a teacher impact their lives,” Murray Middle School teacher Chris Meek said. “To think that those teachers now are not living to the standard that perhaps our viewers are is immoral.”

Meek encourages both teachers and parents around the Tar Heel State to call their legislators and voice their concern with teacher pay.

The agreement has a strong chance of becoming law because of the Republican majority in Raleigh.


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  • teacher

    Public school teachers’ pay rates are very accessible and easy to locate BECAUSE THEY ARE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. Pleas go to a browser on the Internet and type in NC teacher pay schedule and there you have all the information. Do you work 50 plus hours? Most teachers do and much more, so yes we do deserve a raise! Also, most state jobs do not require a 4-year degree, but teaching does, so again, yes we need a raise! Since you can read this, you need to thank SEVERAL teachers….that need a raise!!!!!

  • Wayne

    What you see is a range for a generic teacher for a generic number of years. You will never see that teachers name or their bonus, perks and extra pay they get from Counties and local pay. Try again or prove me wrong. Show me where I can put in a teachers name and see what he or she TOTAL salary is. Please prove me wrong!

  • Casey

    Um, sorry to burst your bubble but teacher pay is public knowledge. Google NC teacher pay scale 2013-14 (then compare that yo 2007-2008). It is all there on the DPI website. Also, county supplements are public as well. Google is your friend. County supplements are minimal, rarely amounting to more than a thousand dollars depending on county (larger more wealthy counties can pay a little more). But, please get your facts straight before posting lies.

  • David Smith

    You do realize the teachers dont have a union. They have a lobbying group in the state but since we are a right to work state they are not a union. As far as published salaries. If you go to Starnewsonline.com they have a dtatbase with all public employees salaries including teachers. All you have to do is request them.

  • Jared

    How do you think McCroy got into office? We were sick of what Perdue was doing, and wanted a change. The problem is that Pat hasn’t helped himself at all. Don’t forget that when Easley left office teachers were being paid slightly above the national average. This has stopped being a repub/dem issue. This is a “who will treat me like I matter” issue.

    Your Truly,

    A Republican

  • taxpayer

    “However; even though I am a public employee paid for by taxpayer monies, which is the reason they make it public, you will NEVER see a public school teacher’s salary information public. Neither is a college level teacher pay made public… My question is WHY? We both are paid with taxpayer funds. Why is my pay public and a teachers not?”

    Maybe, just maybe, it’s the all-powerful, all-knowing, we-work-in-your-best-interest…teacher’s union.

  • Wayne

    As a State employee, my salary is public knowledge. Anyone for any reason can look online and see; when I was hired, what my titles is, how long I have worked for State, and see my pay, and see my raises, IF ANY. I have not had a raise in several years. However; even though I am a public employee paid for by taxpayer monies, which is the reason they make it public, you will NEVER see a public school teacher’s salary information public. Neither is a college level teacher pay made public… My question is WHY? We both are paid with taxpayer funds. Why is my pay public and a teachers not? How about some equality here? Let me see what a teacher makes and let us decide whether they are underpaid or not. What most people do not know is teachers not only get State funds but County pay as well, so do not believe teachers are underpaid; until you see how much they really make. Odds are you never will, which is why they can say they are underpaid, because their pay is private. This is a violation of my civil rights. But then a white male GOP member has no rights, do we?

  • Jared

    Teachers salaries are absolutely public knowledge. Google “nc teacher salaries 2013-2014”. It will show you a PDF file that will explain what every school employee makes in the state. From principal to teacher, it’s all there.

    Teachers are not your enemy. They are simply more vocal than other state employees. I’m an educator along with my wife. My dad is a state employee who hasn’t seen a raise in a terribly long time either. He is just as deserving as we are.

  • taxpayer

    when the Democrats were in charge in North Carolina? chirp-chirp-chirp (crickets)

  • Guest1971

    Actually you can check the salaries of local public school teachers using the ‘What We Earn’ feature on the Star New’s website.

    Sad to see that my son’s Calculus teacher makes a whopping $31,670/year. An excellent teacher who goes above and beyond and that is all we can pay him.

  • Wayne

    Hey Casey,

    Still waiting for you to show me where I can see your name and how much you make as a teacher!

    Look at this website and, as a State employee, my name is on here, but a teachers is not… WHY?


    Whenever you are ready to man up, or woman up, and tell the truth, let me know!

  • CoastalJade

    this is being done to bring in fresh new faces who will be happy to have a job and the motivation to teach our kids.
    With new faces and fresh education, we maybe can pull our State up where it ranks in education.
    Not knocking teachers by any stretch. But I am appalled at the constant demanding of raises or something when we have other state workers who are in dire need of raises and never can seem to get them because we are always focusing on teachers and their wants.

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