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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The families of late members of the wrongly convicted group known as the Wilmington 10 say they should be treated like the surviving members and receive payments from North Carolina because their relatives were imprisoned in the 1970s.

Six have been awarded compensation totaling $1 million by the state Industrial Commission. But the state Attorney General’s Office says family members of the other four do not meet compensation qualifications. The Insider news service reported Thursday that lawyers for four families argued they should not be treated differently.

In 2012, then-Gov. Bev Perdue pardoned the Wilmington 10, who were imprisoned for the 1971 firebombing of a grocery store. Their sentences were commuted in 1978.

State law allows $50,000 payments for each year someone pardoned was wrongly imprisoned, capped at $750,000.

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  • Rick Wilson

    I wish all of the news agencies reporting this story would do a complete job. Research the lives of these “victims”, report their criminal records after the so called injustice. What Gov. Purdue did was cave in to people willing to forget the past. A pardon does not equal innocence, it just means they were lucky enough to find someone with the power that was willing to sell her soul so a few could celebrate getting over on the system once again. As usual, the true victims, those murdered and terrorized by these people are forgotten. The DA’s, police, and firefighters are the villains……..the next time anyone that fought for the Wilmington 10 are in trouble or need a helping hand, see who responds. The only hand you will get from them is one held out demanding more for itself. Congratulations, the message sent here is if you wait long enough, cry loud enough, distort the facts enough, and recruit people too lazy to research the truth to believe your lies……..you can rewrite history and make the tax payers, your victims, pay you reparations for being a criminal. I guess the gangs that are terrorizing the area now will be considered heroes in 20 or 30 years. How much will they demand in payment?

  • KC

    I will quit the Democrat Party if Chavis is appointed. What’s with it these days that we feel we must elevate people just because they are recognizable for radical ideas, no matter how and what side they happen to fall on? Where are people who have a good education and know what they’re doing without past baggage? Guess I won’t be voting at all anymore either ’cause I don’t like radicalism on the other side of the coin either.

  • Rick Wilson

    Ben Chavis was removed as head of the NAACP because of embezzlement. He should have went back to prison for this……..Seems the NAACP gave him a pardon also…….I wonder why? If the Democratic Party puts him in charge of anything……they will get what they deserve. With Ben in charge, everyone should feel happy and secure about their donations to the party…….

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