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GARNER, NC (WWAY) — The charges and bond have been reduced for a Kure Beach man accused of a hit and run on I-40 last night that killed two Good Samaritans.

Marshall H. Doran, 21, was originally held under $5 million bond for charges including two counts of second degree murder. Today the charges were reduced to two counts of felony death by motor vehicle after a clerical error on the original charges. Doran’s bond was also reduced to $500,000.

Highway Patrol says around 8 p.m. Cardell Gayfield of Clayton was driving a bobtail tractor with no trailer west on I-40 when he spun out of control and came to a stop perpendicular to the road. Gayfield placed reflectors in the road, then tried to move his truck out of the lane of traffic.

Larry Kepley, 39, of Winston-Salem, was driving a tractor-trailer west on I-40 when he saw Gayfield and stopped to help. Nathaniel Williams, 34, a member of the US Navy, and another driver swerved to the right of Gayfield’s truck to avoid a collision, troopers say, sending both cars down an embankment. Williams walked back up the embankment to help.

Highway Patrol says as Kepler and Williams were standing behind the bobtail tractor, Doran hit them, then drove off. Kepley died at the scene, while Williams later died at a hospital.

“It’s just a terrible, terrible tragedy,” Gov. Pat McCrory said today during a news conference on the winter storm. “Two people who are just trying to help lose their lives, and I just want to let their families know how sad we are but how much we appreciate them trying to help people in need.”

According to a news release, the Wake County Sheriff’s Office and Raleigh Police Department quickly set up a perimeter, and a Highway Patrol helicopter came in to help search for Doran. He surrendered to a deputy who found Doran hiding in some woods.

Highway Patrol believes Doran, a college student, was driving under the influence and had drugs in his possession when the crash happened.

“Thought about the commercial that talks about you go and you fight in a war and come back and you’re killed on American soil by a drunk driver, and that was a flash,” said Mildred Hawthorne, a friend of Williams. “This is kind of what happened. He’s helping someone else.”


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  • lizzie

    It sounds to me like you may have known this boy. I feel very sorry for him and his family. His life is over, he has just thrown it away completely. DO you think he was so distraught over the accident and terrified about his impending time in jail that he just lost it? Do you think he is on drugs?

  • lizzie

    It was $500,000 and try to remember when you were that age. Perhaps you did really stupid things. It seems that this kid has lost his mind. Do you think it’s because of the accident?

  • crystal

    Yes, he was just a misunderstood kid, right? How about the fact that this past weekend in Carolina Beach, NC he deliberately started 3 fires at condos that killed 2 women and he is NOW charged with 1st Degree murder? I wonder how his family feels, being that they posted the $50,000 to get him out of jail on the hit and run deaths?

  • David Perry

    If he took them without a prescription, or abused his prescription – theh “Yes” – he should be held 100% accountable for his actions. However, if he was seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed this stuff, took it in the dose he was supposed to, and then became increasingly psychotic, then his blame is mitgated to some extent. His psychiatrist (if this were the case) should have been keeping a close eye on psychotic side effects, but obviously didn’t.

  • David P

    I got it from Chelsea’s post above. I guess I assumed she knew what she was talking about.

  • ZOOL

    so his bond is reduced, he gets bonded out to go on and murder two more innocent people, threaten the lives of many more, cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to people’s homes. No, he is not spoiled? You are correct, he is pure evil with ought a heart, a conscience, or any empathy for other human beings. He has now taken FOUR innocent lives!

  • taxpayer

    I’m guessing forks and spoons make people fat?

  • Heimie Schmelter

    …breaking and entering to steal someone else’s property are not “mistakes”, they are cognitive choices, especially when those choices involve the loss of human life!

  • guesty

    Nope, don’t blame a drug for what potentially are his actions. That is the same as blaming alcohol for a drunk driver wrecking and killing people. It isn’t the alcohol, it is the choice the person made to consume and then drive.

  • WhooptyDoo

    Where did you see ANY mention of Adderall in this article?

    I’m guessing that your brain told you that. I’m also guessing that it told you that because it’s on Adderall.

  • taxpayer

    He is not under arrest for arson…suspicion of burglary only…so far.

  • David Perry

    I live in Carolina Beach. If this guy was high on Adderall when he torched up our community, killed 2 innocent women, and left several families homeless- then maybe Adderall needs to be taken off the market. After a quick google search, it appears that their are thousands of cases where Adderall can cause psychosis. Either this guy was psychotic, or he is the most evil person since Hitler. Something needs to be done!!!

  • tricia

    that he is under arrest for arson and killed 2 more peopel on Carolina Beach??? Do yo ustill think he just made a mistake???

  • Guest2020

    So he was hopped up on Aderall instead of drunk on alcohol. Taking drugs knowing that you are going to get behind the wheel is a choice, not a mistake. And he should have thought about the potential consequences of his actions before he chose to get behind the wheel.

  • Chelsea

    If you do further research, he blew under the legal alcohol limit an the “controlled substance” was Aderall that he is prescribed. Also, he gave himself up to the police (some of the reports are saying that he struggled with an officer. I’m not saying that he was right to flee the scene, though I can guarantee he was in shock, but obviously the media is adding things to make him into a “monster”. Marshall is not “spoiled, a redneck, or garbage”. He made a mistake. And I know that all he can think about is what he did and how it is affecting those 2 men’s families.

  • Jan S.

    I do not feel bad for this young man Marshall Doran. He choose what he did. His actions killed 2 very worthy young men who were only at best doing something to help another. If this Marshall Doran was even 1% a decent human he would have NOT HIT & RAN, he would have STOPPED man up and helped those he harmed. That would have been the only HUMANE way to have handled this situation he put himself in and in fact killed two other humans. I do not care whether or not he blew whatever, drank whatever, took whatever pills…the fact is he was a COWARD at best. Yes I am pissed. He killed my cousin. It is very sad that anyone in our justice system allowed such a reduced bond and he gets a taste of freedom when in fact the REAL VICTIMS are dead however both of these men Mr. Williams and Mr. Kepley are no longer in pain, earn their wings and are rejoicing in heaven. May GOD have mercy on Mr. Doran’s soul.

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