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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A West Brunswick High School custodian is behind bars facing sex-related charges with a student.

According to a news release from a Brunswick County Schools spokeswoman, Valentine Rivera, 42, of Shallotte, is charged with sexual battery, sexual offense by school personnel, and disseminating pornographic materials.

The release says school leaders and Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies responded quickly after learning about the accusations against Rivera. He is currently in jail under a $50,000 secured bond.

According to arrest warrants, Rivera forcibly put the hand of the victim on his penis Monday. He is also accused of giving the victim a naked picture of himself earlier this month. The sheriff’s office says the victim is an 18-year-old female.

The school system’s spokeswoman says Rivera will remain on administrative leave during the investigation. The release adds that since the investigation is ongoing, and because of personnel regulations, school officials cannot comment further.


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  • ashley

    Look I understand the people that have been around him don’t think he’s that type of person but you never know what people are capable of. He may have never acted in appropriate around you but you never know how he is around other people. I’ve been around him a lot in the past year and there was always something strange about him. I never felt comfortable around him. So what happen is probably true. But that’s just my opinion. But to be honest ocher came back to the school after all of this has happen, I refuse to go to school, cause I know I wont feel safe.


    I can’t see this he is a great guy doesn’t he also work at Scotch man across from wendys… He is always polite when I go up there Im just amazed at this and I believe in Innocent until proven Guilty…

  • Katelynn

    I go to West and have met and even around Valentine a lot, he has never
    Been out of order or been inappropriate at all to or around me. He is one of the
    Nicest people I have ever met. I really just don’t think it’s true and if it is then
    I will be majorly shocked. We had even discussed in the past how teens will
    Take kindness and turn it into lies and something it isn’t, I’m not sayin that it’s
    Impossible that this is true about him but I can’t see him ever doing such a thing.

  • Patsy Odom

    I heard this story reported on the early morning news show. Reporting that the man forced girl to put her hand on his penis is more detail than should be reported on television. Nobody outside the courthouse needs to hear that.

  • angel colon

    If he “gave” her a nude pic it will be presented as evidence in court. Also dont almost all schools have security cameras? Till then I reguse to believe a good man like him is guilty.

  • David Perez

    It seem to me that Valentine is the victim here that’s why all these comments are popping up..Valentine is a great man and it takes an action of some girl comment to destroy a man’s life. ..If this was a joke on the girls part please come forward and fix things so life can go back to normal

  • Peter Rivera

    To all who has my brothers back and our family appreciates it 100%. The family is coming down to get this straighten out. You will be out very soon.

  • Fwd:
    You don’t have to live it out in silence.People keep saying he is a great guy but you are dealing with a bunch of teenagers who cannot think like adults yet. Some of them will never grow out of their ignorance. They think because they talk to him every so often and he gives them coffee sometimes that they KNOW HIM.. they won’t know for years that is not knowing someone ..but he is an acquaintance.. not a friend. You don’t have to suffer in silence. But I think at this time no one is thinking properly and they will just try and turn what you say around and use it against you.You do not deserve to be tortured at school for something that is not your fault… It’s not your fault he was a douche and its not your fault he has potrayed himself as such a great guy. All of that is not your fault. It tensions can get high and people act stupid. Sorry for that and I’d like to say people will grow up, but they won’t.

  • What about the victim everybody talking good about Valentino but what about if you really did it nobody say anything nice to the victim to Victim is the one suffering is the want who has to deal with this for the rest of her life as far as I know she hasn’t been to school so please somebody say something nice about the victim to .is not a hero he may not did it he made no but what about if we did do it and everybody is praising him like he’s a hero please take min to see the big picture. Plus he already admitted that he did it so why everybody is trying to look out for men who already said he did it

  • mspenn

    Yes you are SUPPOSED to be innocent until proven guilty. Sadly in today’s society, it’s the other way around. You are really guilty until proven innocent. It’s a shame because if this man is found not guilty, this is going to follow him the rest of his life. He will probably have trouble finding another job. Nobody is going to want him in their neighborhood because he could or could not be a sex offender. People are still going to be leary about their daughters being around him. It just goes on and on. I weren’t there. So I don’t know if it happened or not. Only 3 people know the truth. If he’s guilty, by all means…lock him up and throw away the key. If he’s not…that little girl that colaborated this whole story needs her tail beat! Sorry I’m old school and that’s just how it is.

  • A Teacher

    You know I have read most of these comments surrounding the accusations of Valentine Rivera. I must say that it is interesting on how the public behaves when it’s a man of color. In the past there have been some incidents in this (good Ole) county involving male persons of non-color and there wasn’t all this sensationalism in the press and on social media. Even one of them eventually married the (child)and after a while it kind of faded. With this, some of you have got the man already convicted. In today’s society, let me tell you, if young females in our middle schools and high schools feel the need to “get back” at you for whatever reason,they got the tools, knoweledge, it’s very easy to do. It happens!!! And yes, sexual misconduct happens too. Let’s do remember that if this man is found not guilty and this proves to be untrue, he is still ruined. The school system will not want to keep him nor will his other job want keep him. This man has a family too. I know him casually for you see, he worked part-time in the school that i teach at and my children (2 of my daughters) were acquainted with him at West. Nothing but a gentleman.

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