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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — How safe are your kids once your drop them off at school? After a string of arrests at local schools we found they may not be as safe as you think.

In the final week of February alone there were six students arrested in New Hanover County for bringing weapons to school.

Tuesday morning New Hanover County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested three students under the age of 10 at the Freeman School of Engineering for bringing an airsoft gun, and a lighter that looked like a gun to school.

When WWAY asked parents about the incident on Wednesday they said they had no idea.

“It’s very scary,” said George Brinson. “It shocks me to hear that that’s actually true.”

Dr. Rick Holliday, assistant superintendent of New Hanover County Schools, says that the students were caught as soon as they got off the bus and were cooperative with school administrators.

Holliday said that parents weren’t notified because it is a common occurrence.

“I don’t remember anyone ever bringing a weapon to school,” said Brinson.

“That’s not common at all,” said Cait Smith. “You kind of wonder where these kid’s parents are. I know if that were me my mom would have killed me!”

While parents get daily emails about the positive happenings around their child’s school, they say they never receive information about students bringing weapons unless the school goes on lockdown, and that’s just unacceptable.

“It’s scary but I feel like a lot of schools, whether it’s at the elementary school level or at the university level really do brush a lot of big issues under the rug,” said Smith.

“I wouldn’t think I would want to know about it immediately that day by text because I think that would probably set off alarms for a lot of people and it probably wouldn’t be appropriate,” said Brinson. “It’s frightening to think that someone would have that at school where you think your child would be safe.”

Dr. Holliday told WWAY that generally the weapons students are caught with are knives, and some of the time they are brought to school on accident in a lunch box.


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  • Guest-o-matic

    If ya don’t like the rule and think it to be unjust, change it. For now it’s a rule, a very well know rule (except for a fewboys and their parents)…plain and simple.

    Not quite sure who the hell you think you are, but I have NEVER not voted on election day and will continue to do so as I please. You can go back to sopping your bottle in that smelly armchair now.

  • guest7969

    I didn’t see where the color of the kids was mentioned. ..maybe your a racist…

  • guest7969

    Because something is a rule…doesn’t make it right or just. Please find something to keep you busy on election day..just don’t vote.

  • 9743

    Since this kid is a “thug” I’m surprised they didn’t call in a K-9 handler and throw one of their dogs on him but since it was the NHCSD and not WPD, maybe they don’t use that tactic just because they can.

  • Guest-o-matic

    The rules are clearly there in BLACK and WHITE as to what “IS” and “IS NOT” allowed to be brought to school. Whether you like them or not, the rules are established and are there for a reason. If you don’t like these rules, either remove your children from the school or have the rules changed. No rocket science here.

    The school is simply applying the afore-known penalties for breaking these rules. That’s just the way things work in this world. Now…the parents have the “responsibility” to teach their children to abide by the rules. THAT…evidently wasn’t done here with these boys. The parents abilty to shape decision making in their children is at failure here.

    There are a lot of “rules” in this world I don’t particularly like, but I either abide by them or prepare myself to suffer the consequences should I decide not to. Whining and denial of responsibility will never change that.

  • guest6969696969

    Thank God they weren’t performing science experiments!

    CREDITS: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2573998/I-star-jar-13-year-old-youngest-person-world-build-NUCLEAR-FUSION-REACTOR.html
    Jamie Edwards’ reactor was able to smash two hydrogen atoms together
    This made him youngest person to create helium through nuclear fusion
    Fusion took place in a controlled environment at his school in Lancashire
    Head teacher Jim Hourigan said: ‘I was a little nervous when Jamie suggested this but he reassured me he wouldn’t blow the school up’

  • input

    Arresting a ten year old for a lighter????? Wow, I feel much safer now. I’m surprised they didn’t call in the gang unit or emergency response team for this “thug”.

  • Concerned parent

    Where as this is extremely overboard punishment. My concern is that things handled in New Hanover County School Systems are not done unfairly. Just last week there was a white child at Winter Park Elementary that bought the same type of gun to school and was only suspended but we did not hear it on the news or anything. It seems that if anything happens in the inner-city schools the media is quick to expose it but the same things that happen at the other schools we never hear about it. I just feel there should be equal media coverage of all schools if these issues are going to be exposed. Also the children should be punished equally.

  • fyi28451

    My daughter recently informed me that a boy who stabbed another boy over the weekend a few weeks ago was permited back into her school. It scares me that the school board allows such violent students to walk the same halls as my sweet sweet baby. What if this boy is having a bad day and lashes out at school? Durring the conversation she explained to me that this is not a rare occurance, she has had students with probation ankle bracelets in her classes, and even boys who are involved in home invasions, and the infamous pizza hut shoot out. These things take place at north brunswick h.s., and as a parent I was unaware until she spoke to me about it, I imagine they take place at all area schools. There should be guidlines about who can attend schools and walk the halls with our children. I am seriously thinking about looking into private school, or home schooling.

  • Guest-o-matic

    plastic, not anything that looks like a gun. There are reasons for this. One is called “Columbine” the other is called “Sandy Hook”. Due to the nature of a few psychotic, mental misfits, common play cannot happen anymore. No more “Cowboys and Indians”, no more “capguns”, nothing with anything that resembles a weapon. That’s just the way our super sensitive, PC, whiney-butt society works. Being that’s the fact, you don’t bring plastic guns to school, no cigarette lighters that look like guns and don’t point your finger at another like your going to shoot them.

    Those are the rules. As stupid and sensless as they may be, this is what they are and they are perfectly clear. If parents can’t do a better job of teaching their children the basic rules of attending school to include what they can and cannot take on school grounds, they’re going to have an much tougher problem keeping them out of prison when they eventually mature! Those boys are not simple minded kindergarteners, they very well knew better that to bring those toys to school! Question is: Will this teach them or their parents anything?

  • Dirk Diglr

    I remember at Hoggard when they informed those of us with gun racks, with loaded weapons during hunting season, that we needed to keep them in the trunk during the day, but we did not have to take our holstered knives off our belt…. Then again, we could also smoke as long as we had a note saying it was OK from a parent, and left campus for lunch….
    Glad the smoking is not there anymore but I would have never thought it would not be OK to have a regular old pocket knives..
    Times haven’t changed, …people have… It’s a shame what’s become of society.. But its our own doing.

  • Not a Liberal

    BANG!! Now arrest me…. I dare you. This is what we get when the gubment is “protecting” us from ourselves.. WE are not as smart and as advanced as those in Washington DC so WE are no longer allowed to make decisions for ourselves. Yes Spike, I know this ain’t what you meant but.. – “Fight the Power”!!!

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