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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s time to sign up for senior softball. The Wilmington Senior Softball Association is ready to spring forward with another year of play ball.

Season 19 is about to swing into action in New Hanover County for the Wilmington Senior Softball Association. “We assess people’s skills when they first come out as to whether they can play softball or not”, George Wesoloski said. “Most people realize they’re not in the condition they used to be in years ago, so we spend the entire month of March trying to help people in our workouts every Tuesday and Thursday to get into shape so they can play softball. Senior softball, it’s ages 55 and up with no limit, twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday. We’re out there playing a doubleheader. Starts at 9. Always done by noon.”

Opening day is about a month away. Games will be played at Empie Park, Ogden Park and Olsen Park. One of the reasons it’s fun is the development of rules that make the game safer. This includes two home plates. They even let you run over the bases if you feel the need to avoid an injury. “When I was young, playing ball, and I would see older people playing softball,” Mark Schaal said. “I would think, how can people that old enjoy this type of thing. I tell you that’s one of things I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, you don’t lose the desire, and it’s just as much fun, if not more fun than when I was young.”

Click immediately below for more info on the Wilmington Senior Softball Association. www.wilmingtonseniorsoftball.com

New player workouts will start on March 11. Players are not required to live in New Hanover County, but that’s where all the games will be played.


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