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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Gregory Law was shocked to learn he is now a WWAY Teacher of the Week; but he had to admit, he wasn’t surprised he was nominated. His wife nominated him. She, too, is a teacher.

“It feels great. You know, we’re both teachers and we always talk at home about the hardships in teaching and how hard it is to stay on task, so there’s a lot of conversation about teaching at home,” Law said.

The seventh grade science teacher knows education is important. But in his yes, educating children goes beyond just teaching them what’s inside a text book. He wants to help mold them as individuals.

“I always tell them at the beginning of the school year, ‘Yes I want you to be a great science student,'” he paused. “But I want you to be a good person.'”

When entering his classroom inside the halls of Emma B. Trask Middle School, the first man you’ll see is Albert Einstein. There is a big poster on the wall. But you’ll quickly hone in on Mr. Law. He has a calm voice and leads open discussions with students, as well as guides them along through group projects.

On this day, he is teaching them about the human body. Students are tackle the challenge of identifying, drawing and placing particular items on a life size model. Despite putting a lot of time and energy into lessons like this, Law still believes the most important part of teaching is shaping character and morals.

He addressed his students: “When you leave my room, if you know everything in the text book but you’re still not a good person… I didn’t do my job.”

Our money says he will do a fine job! Law is the latest recipient of a big check thanks to WWAY sponsors, he will get $300 to spend at Staples.


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