GOP primary candidates square off in 7th District debate


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Who are you going to vote for in the upcoming primary elections? The Brunswick County Republican Women tried to make that question a little easier to answer by holding a primary debate.

“We’re going to have a Republican in the United States Congress in the 7th District of North Carolina and it’s going to be one of us,” said Woody White.

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A grand old party in Supply introduced Republican voters in the 7th District to Woody White, David Rouzer, and Chris Andrade who admits he was a relative unknown to voters prior to the first debate.

“What I wanted to do was give the people something to look at, another choice because I really believe that people are hungry for leadership, and that they’re looking for direction and I believe that they don’t have all of the questions answered that they want answered,” said Chris Andrade.

While the moderator asked questions on immigration, the economy, national defense, healthcare, and the national debt Andrade stayed the course while his competition threw hey-makers at one another.

“I find it ironic that I have an opponent who is considering himself a moderate, but yet on his law-firm’s website advertises to sue businesses,” said David Rouzer. “I don’t find anything conservative about that.”

“When you’re losing a political argument you look at your opponent’s website and find the worst thing you can find,” said White. “We can talk about changing or regulating or changing or going line by line in an unremarkable senate career if we want to or we can talk about people that have experienced it.”

“I think people are sick of that,” said Andrade. “I think they’re sick of the division especially inner party. I think people want to be inspired and people want to hear solutions and have leadership. I’m not playing that game.”

You can cast your voice, your vote for your favorite candidate in the upcoming primary on May 6th.