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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A federal district court jury in Raleigh today found in favor of two Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies in a case stemming from a 2007 shooting.

The sheriff’s office says the jury answered a series of questions about the facts of the shooting and concluded that George Cooper did fire a shotgun at Dep. James Sheehan on May 2, 2007, at his home on Maco Rd. near Leland. Judge James Dever then dismissed the case on the grounds that, based on the jury’s findings of fact, Sheehan and Dep. Brian Carlisle were entitled to use deadly force to defend themselves. That means they could not be liable to Cooper’s claims of use of excessive force.

Cooper suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

A SBI investigation years ago cleared the deputies, as well. In 2011, a jury found Cooper not guilty of assault on a law enforcement officer by point a firearm.


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