‘Shark Tank’ star shares secret to success


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — If you could ask Barbara Corcoran of “Shark Tank” anything, what would it be? Many want to know what her secret to success has been and she isn’t afraid to share the advice.

“Bad grades are perfect if you want to be an entrepreneur, ya know why?” Corcoran asked.

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Actually, no. Many people don’t know why. In an interview with WWAY, Corcoran took the opportunity to educate on her theory.

“I sat in school and got straight Ds from the time I entered kindergarten till I got outta college,” she said. “Straight Ds, and that’s not so easy to do, and some of them I begged for. They were supposed to be Fs.”

That’s probably not the message any parents or teachers want to send to their own children and students, but take a note from the shark. She is one of the leading ladies on ABC’s popular show “Shark Tank,” and she is a multimillionaire. She claims if you’re not paying attention in class, you have plenty of time for something else.

“I had all of that time in the classroom day in and day out to daydream,” Corcoran said. “And if there’s one thing that entrepreneurs do well is they daydream.”

It helps to have good sales skills, too. Tonight, hopeful entrepreneurs will face the sharks. They’ll sell their ideas and products in hopes of partnering with one of the wealthy business professionals.

You probably remember, Wilmington’s Zach Crain pitched his product the Freaker on “Shark Tank” in 2012. His bottle covers didn’t strike a deal with the sharks, but Corcoran hopes he and others walk away from their studio with a lesson. It’s something she learned as a child.

“I sure knew how to make friends and kid around and get comfortable with people, and those are all traits an entrepreneur needs in addition to being street smart,” she said.

Take it or leave it. Either way, it’s free advice from a woman rich in business skills. Who are we kidding? Rich period. She sold her own real estate company for a whopping $66 million several years ago and continues investing in others’ bright ideas.