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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Ms. Mariea Carey has been teaching for more than four decades. And apparently few people have surprised her over the years. She was shocked to learn she is the Teacher of the Week.

“That’s wonderful to know that you had an impact on children and they remember the things that you’ve taught them,” she said. “That’s great; that’s what its all about.”

The nomination came to WWAY from a woman named Heather. That’s all we had: her first name. Heather said her former teacher not only made a lasting impact on her, but also made a huge impact on not one, but three of her children. Heather said Ms. Carey often uses her own money to buy classroom supplies.

“All learning, no matter what age, should be fun. I try to do things that are fun for the boys and girls and learn at the same time. Sometimes that means going into your own pocket,” she explained.

But that’s never bothered Carey. She said, “I used to think, ‘Wow I get to do this and they give me a paycheck too’ so it’s really great!”

This is the third year Ms. Carey has taught Kindergarten and she loves her students and all of the wonderful people she interacts with at Lincoln Elementary in Brunswick County. “I’ll be really sad when I have to retire. I’m not sure when that will be yet,” she paused. “Its going to be really sad when I can’t come to the class room anymore.”

So why think about it? Instead we call for an encore! And her kindergarten class performs a play they’ve been working on and closes it all with a wonderful song.


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