Battleship gets $250,000 donation from Wells Fargo


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — 73 years ago today the USS North Carolina was commissioned but that wasn’t the only reason for celebration at the battleship today.

In fact the battleship received a gift worth 250-thousand reasons to celebrate.

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“It was a hallmark event in 1941, and it is a hallmark event even today,” said Capt. Terry Bragg, but time has taken its toll on the USS North Carolina.

“The battleship North Carolina is one of the largest structures in Wilmington,” said Bragg, “and the maintenance of the ship is a tremendous undertaking.”

Tremendous to the tune of 7-million dollars in needed repairs in the depths of the ship the extent of the damage becomes clear.

A giant steel hull sits submerged underwater and rust seeps in.

The goal is to take the rusting hull from its current state, to a repaired state, like was done to the first half of the hull.

“We have started a larger campaign to raise funds for repairing the battleship, the entire battleship,” he said.

Wells Fargo stepped in to help giving a check for 250-thousand dollars.

“This helps remember what this great ship did during WW2,” said Ron Hankins, Executive Vice President with Wells Fargo, saying preserving this floating museum is a testament to what they believe in. “It connects directly with our mission and values, we have a great appreciation at Wells Fargo for active military personnel and veterans as well.”

The money won’t restore the battleship to all of its former glory.

“We will be working with the state of North Carolina to address the rest of the budget requirements so that we can execute this project sooner rather than later,” said Bragg.

It will be a starting point thought for getting the battleship back in ship shape.

The Battleship North Carolina got another big donation to help it capital campaign to repair the ship’s hull and preserve the state’s WWII Memorial for generations to come.

The Wells Fargo Foundation today announced a $250,000 contribution to the Battleship. It comes on the 73rd anniversary of the ship’s commissioning.

The donation is part of an effort to raise money to meet the requirements of the agreement between the state and the US Navy to preserve and maintain the battleship.

Wells Fargo’s donation is among the largest so far. In November, the Duke Energy Foundation donated $1 million to the preservation project