ONLY ON 3: St. James realtor using Google Glass to reach far away customers


ST. JAMES, NC (WWAY) — Just as everyone was adjusting to smart phones, the next big thing in technology is already here.

You might have heard of Google Glass, but a Brunswick County realty company is among the few actually using it.

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“This guy right here is gonna be a game changer,” said Eddie Addison, St. James Properties Sales Executive.

Google Glass is changing the way realtors like Addison do business.

“I’m going to be able to keep my customer’s loyalty by engaging them in a way they’ve never been engaged before,” he said.

Engaging customers by giving real time updates on their new home. Today Addison showed his client in Pennsylvania a quick tour of her home in St. James.

IT Director Ursula Ehrenfeld says she first jumped on the technology a year ago. She says it is changing the realty market as we know it and St. James is ahead of the curve.

“We’re the first ones that I’m aware of that have actually tried to take this technology out in the field and figure out how to make it work for us,” Ehrenfeld said.

Currently Google Glass is not available for mass distribution. You can only get your hands on the futuristic eyewear through an invitation to Google’s Explorer Program.

“When we run into glitches or think of things it could be doing better we report it back to the community,” Ehrenfeld said.

Google Glass will be available to the general public within the next year.

Until then St. James properties remains on the cutting edge of technology

“Whoever throws the first punch wins,” Addison said. “Google Glass just threw the first punch.”

You might be able to get your hands on your own Google Glass sooner than expected. There are reports the company will open its explorer for about a day. By the way, the device costs $1,500.