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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — You won’t find many cars parked on the street in Leland.

The town requires you to obtain a permit days in advance or else find yourself with a $50 ticket.

That’s why some folks are speaking out against this town ordinance.

After a period of inactivity, Leland police are back giving out parking tickets to cars on the street.

There are no signs warning drivers of the law.

Leland resident John Guntner is not happy about it. He said, “No one has taken the trouble to read the law that they’re enforcing,” Guntner said, “I don’t know how you can get much more contemptuous than that.”

He wrote a letters to the mayor and the D.A. expressing his frustration.

The town Code states in part, “No parking areas shall designated by yellow curb markings, no parking signs, or other traffic control devices which indicate that parking is prohibited in the locations and under the circumstances described by the signs.”

This portion of the ordinance led Guntner to ask, “Since everywhere else in North Carolina parking is allowed anywhere there is not a sign prohibiting it, how can you expect people to know they can’t park on public streets in Leland?”

He has written a letters to the mayor and district attorney in hopes of fixing this.

A group of Leland women called “Singles and More” meet regularly to play the tile game, Mahjong.

They are frustrated with the handling of the ordinance.

One of the group members, Mary Webb said, “They built this big community…and they’re making it so hard for us to get together.”

Member Ellen Casey brought up another concern, “If you have a terrible thing… a funeral, that’s not an anticipated thing” She said, “You have to think… I have 20 cars parked in front of my house, I just lost a family member and now I have to remember that I have to remember to go onto the computer and get permits from the police department,” she said, “It’s whack!”

Carpooling and bike riding are how they’ve managed to avoid the new wave of ticketing.

They went on to say they’d like the town council to take a look at the statute and figure out something different.

Town council member Bob Corrison says they’re doing just that. This morning they voted to lower the $50 ticket to $15. They’re also offering to reimburse those ticketed since January. The council has scheduled a public meeting for April 29th to solely discuss the parking issue. He asks that citizens come out and offer suggestions so they can “Make Leland a great place to live.”

Corrison says the town ordinance has been in place for years but it’s gone unenforced. He says they are seeing stronger enforcement now because of safety issues on the street.


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