Walking for Warriors


Wilmington, N.C. (WWAY) – Donna Street is a mover and a shaker so to speak.

She’s been walking since early February talking to folks and shaking hands along the way.

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For her it’s not about an organization or a donation it’s all about the walk.

It’s first thing you notice about Donna Street, she calls him the proud protector. He’s the 6 foot inflatable serviceman attached to her back.

“I love it I love every day that I’m out here,” Street said, “and I’m just having a super time.” It’s not what leaves the most lasting impression that comes from within.

“I don’t know if I’ll be crawling when I get there,” she said, “but hopefully I’ll be standing upright.”

She’s heading to Washington D.C. walking for our military men and women.

She’s already been through 5 pairs of shoes since her journey began in Fort Lauderdale in February.

Meeting people of all kinds along the way including wounded warriors.

“I’ve met people with their legs off, their arms off, so many different things,” she said, adding that they’re the folks that really touch her.”

“You know what they tell me,” Street asked, “they say Donna, we’d do it all over again, now I don’t know that I’d say that if I had my legs off, but hopefully I would.”

With all the walking comes a hand shake or two or 5,172 she says laughing.

Street salutes all the honkers. She stops and talks to anyone who’ll listen, because she’s carrying along a constant reminder.

“I’ve kinda (sic) got the soldiers back like they keep our back,” she says wearing the protector she carries proudly.

You can track her progress on her website: http://www.theproudprotector.com/