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BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — At Cape Fear Community College’s Burgaw campus, you can learn all about Scottish heritage by trying it’s signature instrument: the bagpipes.

You hear them at funerals and weddings, but getting that sound just right takes years. You start on the practice chanter, and once you learn tunes and memorize them, then you can move up to the whole instrument.

Instructors say it’s difficult but worth it when you finally are able to play well.

“Oh, it’s very spiritual,” instructor Ann Thur said. “Very, because it’s you and the pipes and the music, and it’s swirling all around you, because it’s coming out of the drones and the chanter, and you just feel it.”

Classes are on Monday nights right now. If you’d like to take bagpipe lessons, contact Cape Fear Community College.


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