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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Under David Rutledge the Ashley Screaming Eagles finished with an overall record of 11-16 in boys basketball, 6-6 in the Mideastern Conference in the lone season for Rutledge at Ashley.

“After careful consideration by the administration at Ashley High School, David Rutledge will not continue as head basketball coach for the 2014-2015 school year,” Ashley AD Roy Turner said. “We sincerely appreciate the hard work that Coach Rutledge put in for the student athletes of Ashley High this school year. Michael Propst, will serve as an interim coach until the position is filled. The position will be posted immediately on the NCHSAA website.”


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  • Kirk Stroud

    Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen

  • Diamonds are Forever

    Slow down, D1, really? At Ashley? Talk bout nonsense. I thought there was a d1 here and across town this year and they going juco. Seriously, yall missing something. Sounds like yall need a reality check down there. If ya can’t take some junk from a coach glad you didnt come here.

  • Lynne Saffo

    Why are people hiding behind anonymous posts? Call a spade a spade and let us know who you are… Like we don’t already!! Are you too scared to admit that you and your bogus accounts are the cause of a great coach and person losing their career? Coach Rutledge has done nothing but good things for our kids and I for one am going to continue to stand up for someone I believe in… I want to show my son that you stand up for what is right. Coach Rutledge made decisions about his team based on work ethic, commitment, and a team philosophy, NOT individuals. Remember, there is no I in TEAM. Maybe the dissenters need a lesson in teaching values to kids…. Hard work, kindness, friendship, and generosity. These are qualities/values that Coach Rutledge has stressed to my son and I appreciate Coach reinforcing what we teach at home. I am truly sorry that a few people have caused such heartache for so many… Coach Rutledge, the true TEAM players, Coach’s students, and the parents that respect and love him.

  • Ashley coaching

    I work here. “As you understand it.” I think You know that is not true. You understand nothing. Nor did you care about the school.

  • Baller

    OMG! Coach was not just yelling numbers! Those are sets and plays – ask you player to explain what that means. If he can’t then that’s why he’s not playing! And never will for any coach! Please stop messing up our program. Take your son somewhere else!

  • C Johnson

    I like that a kid who refuses to or can’t remember a play or set is taken out. It’s about teaching and executing – that’s how programs win. Colleges and schools with good programs look at that – NOT whether one kid’s mom is happy every minute.

  • “Concerned parent” – Good Riddance

    You know this all you say is NOT TRUE! Not all kids interviewed, 3 pulled out. Rest had to make appointments like me and my kid! More kids transferred before Rutledge than with. And ask your D1 player – he admitted he was not good enough at defense – too bad he won’t be able to get better at it now. Ask your son, get the story instead of writing BS.

  • Kirk Stroud

    “anonymous and scared”
    So there has NEVER been a kid to transfer from a school to Hanover? It is this one kid and because of this one coach. Exactly which school did this AD come from? Wonder why kids are filtered there?
    There are more then “a few” freshman that supported him. I haven’t talked to one yet. I think if you use a little common sense, or try just a little, you will see that SEVERAL kids transfer to Hanover for sports. THAT is the real problem.

    I take it you are a coach. I mean only a coach with knowledge of how to substitute his players, what plays to run, when to call certain defenses, when to run certain offenses, breaking presses and how to create a team would know these things. Not a parent who sits through games and thinks “little Johnny” is the best player on the team. It is called a basketball TEAM, not a “basketball we have one DI player so let him be the star regardless of wins and losses.”
    You agree the AD needs to be gone, but trusted his decision to help get rid of the coach? Can’t have it both ways. So you don’t trust the one who hired him, or the one hired, yet you have the perfect option. Who should the coach be? Can’t be mad one brother is getting playing time and one isn’t. Can’t be afraid one kid will transfer IF this one coach is back.
    Suppose that kid is a DI prospect. How do you think he will do once he is on his own at college? Away from parents and structure and with a lot of free time on his hands. Obviously didn’t handle a hard coach in HS. Are these same parents going to this DI school and force out a coach? You really think ANY college coach will let a parent run his program. Better get use to college type demands in high school. Not have it thrown at you as a freshman and be lost.

    He coached at inner city Charlotte. Where the PARENTS were not spoiled and entitled. Which means their kids were not spoiled and entitled. He comes to Wilmington………….spoiled and entitled get him fired.

    Oh and who is getting these kids together for their workouts now? I saw 6 of them in a gym, without a coach. Trying to improve their game, for a coach they don’t know yet.

  • concerned parent

    Only a few Freshman and their parents are supporting Rutledge not surprisingly. I wish same posters would stop filling up the message board with nonsense – every parent was interviewed, every player, other coaches at Ashley and some faculty as I understand it. Clearly there were some issues. I find it incredible how many uniformed people are claiming the kids did not work hard that’s B.S. Those kids worked their behinds off all summer, 2-3 practices a day and on weekends and holidays. It’s too bad they were not afforded Respect – clear discrimination against some of the players. Plus Rutledge coached politics not matchups – some of his substitutions at critical times was just repeatedly inexplicable. Standing on the sideline yelling the same number all night is not coaching. I agree with a previous poster some of these kids had no business being selected for a Varsity team in the first place. Ashley has a D1 caliber player and 1st team all conference athlete but it has nothing to do with Rutledge (he did not even know how to properly use him e.g. had him coming off the bench behind less talented players). I agree, a new AD is needed. I don’t think they had to fire the man but there were some problems that if addressed earlier may have prevented this from happening. Several talented kids leaving the school to go to New Hanover and elsewhere are because of Rutledge and Ashley will never to taken seriously in sports if they continue to run off talent. A good coach knows how to manage talent and get the best out of the players – I just don’t see that here.

  • KC

    What Ashley administration is doing just makes me so sad. I can tell you from personal experience that Coach Rutledge is an amazing mentor and teacher. He was at our school prior to Ashley and my son the privilege of having him as a teacher, club adviser, and mentor. Coach teaches these kids/all kids to strive to be the best that they can be. My son use to be content with the easy A, until Coach looked at him one day and said “Why”? “Why would you not put some effort in to get the best possible grade that you can get”. That is Coaches philosophy on everything. Always give 130% of yourself no matter what it is school work, basketball, life. Coach gives 200% of himself to his students. There were days he would be at our school at 5:45am and he wouldn’t leave until 11:00pm. He would tutor any kid that needed help even if they weren’t one of his students. He taught the kids about personal responsibility. Something far too many people know too little about today. I don’t understand how anyone could think that any of these things are bad. Sure he works the kids hard on the court and in the classroom, but isn’t life all about hard work? I can tell you that because my son had coach as a teacher I am confident that he now has the work/study ethic to be successful in college. I pray that the Ashley administration listens to it’s students and parents and realizes that they have an amazing asset that they are letting slip away and the people who will pay for that mistake will be the students.

  • Joelle

    WWAY please investigate the questions Mr. Stroud has posted. WECT is interested in what we have to say and a story was aired yesterday. Now it’s your turn to investigate!!!!

  • Joelle

    WECT has stepped up by interviewing some of Rutledge’s supporters. Can we rely on WWAY to step up to the plate too? WWAY Please investigate some of Mr. Stroud’s questions.

  • Citizen at the School Board Meeting

    Wow – just came from school board meeting and the students and parents that spoke were amazing. The turn out of support so strong. What’s going on here, this is a great situation and great coach and inspiring teacher. Thanks for listening to the supporters and do the right thing!

  • Ashley Coachig

    Turner runs off more coaches who don’t want to be capped at a 90 mins of athletics a day

  • Ashley Senior

    My coach told me, that AD Mr. Turner told him, (see messed up) that coach Rutledge needed a hobby. He opened the gym whenever kids wanted, he opened the weight room for them, he tutored them in virtual classes, tutored them for the SAT, sponsored students so they could volunteer at the Special Olympics, chaperoned his players on volunteering feeding at a homeless center, is in the cafeteria for kids everyday, AND teaches like 3 different classes one that is an AP class. Why should we want him get a hobby – Ashley is his hobby and he does a lot of good

  • Baller

    These comment need to ger back to coach. Let me explain about coach and Ashley. It’s the end of practice and you are running sprints – picture any sport – and this guy is like busting ass running super hard each one. And it’s the end of practice so you are tired and it ticks you off. His working hard is making everyone look bad. The first few times you just hate that guy, but he keeps doing it and then you decide to go really hard each time, and you can do it. You feel good and proud. Now 2 or 3 other guys go hard also, feel proud, and now you got some thing special. Coach Rutledge is “that guy” busting ass and at first everybody around him is mad because he is making hem look bad – the AD, principal, even some other coaches. Don’t be mad, just let some other really dedicated people catch up and we will have something special!

  • Veteran Teacher

    I am a teacher and I have not been active in teacher organizations or cared much about the new state changes – but now after seeing the way Ashley administration is actively running people out in such a capricious and ridiculous way. Sandbagging evaluations, intimidation, moral crushing stuff. We just want to work in a fair and open environment. Let us.

  • Parent supporting Rutledge

    I agree with the positive affects that Rutledge’s class has had. I can barely get my child to say grace aloud in front of our family and in Rutledge’s class once a week he is in front of the class doing a presentation. I think he and what he is doing is great!

  • Basketball player

    Rutledge is an awesome coach because he understands us and works really hard. It makes him a great coach and for the same reasons a great teacher. And he has an impact beyond 12 players, there are 2 teams and more than that who try out, plus it’s not just us who have pride and success- the whole school benefits from, and with him we were only going to get better.

  • Realistic Parent :)

    So my kid is not in this AP class that is earning college credit or “crushing” the exams, but he has Mr. Rutledge and it has been great. My son TALKS about this class! Yes fellow moms, he is talking to US at dinner or in the car !! It has been so refreshing. I didn’t meet him at open house, but feel I know Mr. Rutledge with how much I hear about him and class. I have been meaning to email him and thank and congratulate him (and feel badly now) and am blown away that someone making such an impact is not being recognized in the building. I assumed the school leaders know who is doing a great job. They have got to be around, but my son says he doesn’t know or see the principal or APs in classes so maybe they just don’t know anything. SO I’M SAYING NOW, THANKS FOR ENGAGING MY KID AND GIVING US DINNER CONVERSATION !

  • Proud Parent of Ashley Students

    I’m coming to is late, but my kids go to Ashley and one of them has Mr. Rutledge for a teacher and has had a gray year with him. She has worked hard, but fully expects to earn college credit based on how well she did on he AP Psych exam. And he taught the whole class all year without books for the kids. Where are my tax dollars going School Board if we can’t get books? My son is not as studious as his sister, but is really excited about taking Mr. Rutledge’s AP class next year. AND NOW others kids are saying that the school wants to not hire him back. Is this true? Not that basketball coaching is not important, I’m sure it is, but it only affects a dozen kids, right? What about the over one hundred kids who had him as a teacher. Don’t my kids deserve a great AP teacher, regardless of being a good coach or not. Let’s not through the baby out with the bath water here. What can I, we do to advocate for my kids?

  • Hunter

    Investigate, there is a different bogus reason each time you talk to Ashley HS leaders. Even Turner says Rutledge is a great coach. He seems to just work too hard and care too much for laid back Roy. Can’t get through my head why those are bad things, but seems when they are questioning the kids for dirt on Rutledge that’s what they are repeating. Oh, and rumor is Roy retiring sooner than that.

  • Kirk Stroud

    Seemingly everyone but a few want Rutledge to stay. Why not get someone to look into the real reasons Rutledge was let go. Don’t settle for generic reasons like, “what’s best for our school.” How long is Turner going to be at Ashley? A year, half a year? Isn’t he close to retirement? Why has he had a different coach every year? Why does he have so much turnover? Who does he answer to? Find those few parents who wanted Rutledge gone and ask them.
    Just a few questions unless you are stumped.
    WWAY, are you scared to actually do a little work and rub a few people the wrong way? I can tell you from experience the reason is no. If you can sell papers, or get website hits, you will run a negative article quicker then a booster can reach in their pocket and get money. So let’s see if you will. FYI, those parents are only boosters for 4 years. That is unless you keep firing good teachers and kids start repeating grades.

  • Taylor – impressed parent!

    I know this is a sports blog, but I have to brag on my daughter and her classmates in Mr. Rutledge’s AP Psych class that took their national AP exam yesterday AND THEY CRUSHED IT! She felt so great about the test and her preparation. It has been wonderful to see her so excited about working hard. I don’t really care about sports, but keep this great teacher.

  • Concerned Parent

    How about holding Ashley Athletic Director accountable for basically neglecting the girls program by not doing his job? His negligence in filling paper work robbed games from the girls coach (forfeiting games) and robbed 1 year from 2 of the girls being able to play. And his job is secure?

  • Ashley basketball player

    The entire problem with Ashley basketball and Ashley athletics is the lack of leadership in administration and in the Athletic director Roy turner. Turner is all about looking good to the public but is a hypocrite that doesn’t support the basketball program at Ashley. Coach Rutledge is an outstanding coach that would help any player in his program. he has the best basketball knowledge in the state. a couple parents that are spoiled babies that didn’t get their way so they decided to ruin things for everyone. Coach Rutledge has done so much good for so many people its devastating to see him go. Who has Roy Turner ever helped? There needs to be a major change with all athletics Ashley more specifically getting rid of Roy Turner. If a couple of rumors and bratty parents can get a coach fired then there is obviously a problem.

  • Kirk Stroud

    I see nothing but anonymous post. I wish the 2-3 parents who created all this would grow a set, put your name on it, and tell the truth. Stop hiding behind anonymous post. A good coach and an even better man was fired because of you. Why not speak publicly about it? He was fired publicly. So Little johnny actually had to work. Hope these parents have enough money to influence a college coach. You will have to tell a college coach Little Johnny is working to hard? Good luck with that. Your basketball career ends in high school. Enjoy your participation certificate.

  • Serve Our Father

    I don’t know much about basketball, and did not see any games. But, it was so sad that coach Rutledge and his boys were not with us serving meals and visiting last Thursday evening. Coach Rutledge and his kids were remarkable the past few months, cooking meals, delivering meals, and then serving our families and neighbors in need. It was a highlight for the kids to play with the young men, and so many of our men really came alive swapping basketball stories with Coach and the players I can’t believe a servant leader like that is not an asset at a high school, and that Ashley would discourage or destroy what was such a good thing.

  • Local Basketball Coach

    How sad that SO much false info was generated and allowed to go unchecked against one coach and program. Sounds like he should be looking to begin a slander case against some of ya’ll. How sad too that you have waited until he’s run out by Roy and the girls forfeit half a season to care.

  • Ashley Parent of 2

    I agree. My son came home so excited about how he did on the test as well. Rutledge had them so well prepared and motivated for that test. We have to question if we are not trying to keep strong teachers at Ashley High.

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