EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Turning silver into gold


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Our Extraordinary Person of the Week helped turn a silver event into gold!

Art is a major part of life. From children drawing on walls while mom and dad aren’t looking to painters who create a masterpiece for museums,
creativity is something shared by all ages. Erika Lawrence is making sure folks can share such creativity.
It makes her our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

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Inside this village….
Down these colorful halls….
….you’ll find plenty of passion.

“What I really try try to do is put my name on it,” said Erika Lawrence. “If I don’t get that signature on it easily, then I know I’m missing something. (that’s your tell-tale sign?) Yes. I feel like my inner voice is trying to tell me something.”

Her inner voice is trying to tell her the piece is just not finished yet, she says.

Erika is the community outreach coordinator for the Wilmington Art Association. She’s helped turn the Silver Arts part of the North Carolina Senior Games into a major success. “I’m happy to say, at this point, I have 341 entries,” she said. “For the first time ever, they’ve had huge participation.”

341 people over the age of 50 in the Cape Fear will show off their art in four categories….visual, heritage, literary, and performing arts. Winners from the local competition are eligible for the finals in Raleigh. “If you go to the state finals, says a friend of mine who been there, you do not get the full impact of what this is about until you go to Raleigh and see all those buses coming in, and cars from all over North Carolina, she said it gives you goosebumps,” said Erika.

Goosebumps Erika may have as well. You see, this promoter of the local art world is also going for the gold, in this silver, event.

“She’ll be holding the world in her hands,” Erika said as she described a piece of her art.

Win or lose, Erika’s efforts to help the community embrace its creativity….is extraordinary.

The Silver Arts entries will be on display for the public May 9th and 10th at The Artworks at 200 Willard Street in Wilmington.
Saturday, 10am-4pm.
Sunday, 12pm-4pm.