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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The following email was sent from New Hanover Commissioner Woody White to County Manager Chris Coudriet and others requesting an investigation into robo-calls sent election eve and election day apparently by Commissioner Brian Berger:


It appears that the county acted quickly to determine that these calls did not originate from the county system, and so informed the media and the citizens. However, by inference one – or both – of the following events occurred:

1. Either an election rule was violated which is actionable against the party who did this, or:

2. A law was violated in which case the party who did this should be prosecuted in a criminal court.

The integrity of our election process is sacred. Those that tamper with it should not be allowed to do so without severe consequences.

The rules that govern robo calls are clear and unambiguous and are meant to disallow this type of fraudulent and confusing action. The vendors who place these calls have records of the purchaser as do the phone companies. An investigation should be easy and quick, and be done as soon as possible.

As a County Government and Elections Board, it is imperative that we do whatever is necessary to determine the culprit and take action against them. Ignoring this is not an option. If the State Board has jurisdiction over this matter, then I support taking whatever action we must to forward this to them immediately.


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  • 1492

    Do yourself a favor and unload your invisible weapon before you hurt yourself.

    While I am no fan of Woody White, I respectfully submit that you’re full of undigested inedible waste. Even a fifth grader knows that neither the SBI nor the FBI will ever initiate an investigation into local politics just to see if some unspecific something might be occurring.

    If it wasn’t for the 4:05pm time stamp, instead of something like 4:05am, I would guess that you are actually Berger. Then again, maybe you are Berger and you’re just running 12 hours late.

  • straight shooter

    If Whites friends aT the board of Elections decide to investigate robocalls we- will be asking BOTH sbi and the fbi to investigate the conduct of Weasel Woody and skippy watkins and some of the the other political thugs in the NHC GOP who over many years have tried to run things there way here in NHC- we think there way is the wrong way- and it wont be tolerated- so we will finish what they may start!

  • Truthseeker

    My question is why would woody be so angry by Berger asking people to vote for him? Secondly he won this county’s vote totals maybe he should thank Berger or McFadden or whomever.Thirdly woody shouldn’t be allowed to use tax payers resources IE:county manager etc.Their should be an investigation called on woody for wasting resources much like if you call 911 and theirs no emergency (many times)!

  • burgerboy

    Well that old libber trash bag woodsy white done spent thousands and thousands of tax payer moneys on trying and failing to bully and harass and kick out old brian burger so now he can wee wee away some more tax payer money on investigating this junk which was prolly the work of some dingbat involved in one of their campagain’s with too much time on there hands so there you see that peeing citizens honest tax dollars away on stupid junk is nothing new for this old libber freak, he ought to go back where from he came in my opinion so we don’t have to look at his old self on TV anymore and go live in a hole in the ground or a DUMPSTER where the trash bag belongs!!! :D

  • Rick Wilson

    Woody White…….how about coming clean about the questionable campaign contributions you received before throwing stones at anyone else. You had more than a few $5,000.00 donations from “homemakers” when you ran for county commissioner. How about a public forum listing each contribution and the person/company that made the donation to verify?

    If “Sore Loser Inc.” needs a new President……..You are uniquely qualified for that position.

  • DT-mike

    Woody, dude. You just got clowned by a kid who rode the short bus. You don’t want any attention on this.

    In high school this is where the geek who got beat up at a party just leaves. So woody just leave. Nothing else to be done man

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