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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A $50,000 trip to Australia. That’s apparently one of the perks of being a Congressman.

Rep. Mike McIntyre, who will retire after this term, took a trip earlier this year paid for by lobbyists. The tour of Adelaide, Australia, McIntyre took with his wife Denise, topped the list of most expensive privately-paid trips ever. The total cost for their one-week stay was $49,635, according to multiple Congressional watchdogs.

WWAY asked McIntyre about the trip. In a statement his office said: “This trip was not at taxpayer expense. The House Ethics Committee specifically approved the purpose of this trip which was to address America’s alliances in the Pacific.”

The trip was paid for by the Defense Teaming Center, a defense industry non-profit.


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  • guest1264

    I am a very conservative voter and have a genuine dislike for most liberal politicians and their agendas BUT which one of the posters squawking about McIntyre taking a free trip to Australia would not be sitting on the same plane and in the same resorts if given the chance???
    Give it a rest – Mike is out of the picture in a little while and we will have someone else to bash then!

  • Guest000000

    …and if it’s David Rouzer, the subject matter will be endless.

  • Timekeeper

    This luxury vacation cost more than most make in a year in NC. I am totally sick of politics and politicians in general. They are all the same. They use their positions for personal gain and that of their pals. Not what our forefathers had in mind when the US Government was organized.

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