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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Investigators say a man is in custody accused of setting a fire last night at a home with two people inside.

Brandon Combs, 27, is in jail charged with arson and injury to real property. Tonight we’re learning more about Combs’s online personality.

Pender County Fire Marshal Charles Newsman say the call for the fire came in just after 7 p.m. Sunday at a home on Highsmith Road near Burgaw. Newman says a mother and daughter were inside the two-story home when the fire started.

One look at Combs’s Facebook page may give insight into his mind before investigators say he set the fire. His posts range from bizarre to some we just cannot show. He routinely posted about Satanism, referring to himself as a Manson Family follower.

Self-described as bipolar his posts range wildly in tone. Less than a month ago, Combs’s posts took on a more positive spin saying he was in a relationship. Shortly thereafter, something changed, and his posts turned dark again.

“When you find out I’m dead just know it’s because of you,” he wrote. And later, “bye.”

Just before authorities got the call about the fire, Combs posted on Facebook, “The only thing worse than waking up alone… is waking up,” and then, “Cuttin (sic) people out of my life.”

Investigators say the call about the fire came in about an hour after this post.
Combs is in jail under $100,000 bond.


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