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By Julian March

Some Wilmington council members aren’t pleased with a proposal to change the design of the city’s police cars.

On Tuesday, the city council will consider a resolution to approve buying 22 new Dodge Chargers for the police department. Police planned for the cars to be the first wave of cruisers styled in a new black-and-white design.

The design features a black hood and trunk with white doors emblazoned with POLICE in all capital letters and an image of a police shield. The latest design departs from the WPD’s current marked cruisers, which are painted all white and have blue and gold stripes.

At a Monday agenda briefing, Councilwoman Laura Padgett said the new cars look “very intimidating.”

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  • Gramps1945

    You sound like my 29 year old, nephew. Just 3 more months of probation, and a thousand more dollars in back child support fines. And he’s got it made. For some reason. Just like you, he’s always saying bad things about cops.

  • John Lapatchka

    Too intimidating? Is that a real problem with these Police vehicles? Maybe the City should buy VW Beetles and paint them with pastel colors (pink, yellow, maybe) or with rainbows and polka dots??

  • Guest2984

    Wow, that was good. Lets see, endless loop huh? Would that be a similar endless loop created when a bad cop takes a new BLET graduate under his wing and spends his entire day “training” the new officer how to detest the people he is sworn to protect? Including law abiding citizens?

    But your worried about a non existent endless loop in something written on an almost non existent website addressing the color of a car by an almost autonomous computer keyboard.

    Wow is right.

    PS. the “cars” are designed to be intimidating, its not the paint job. And the police department has nothing to do with the design of the car.

    Think it though.


    Let’s go surfing and call it a day.

  • policecorruption

    How about the police in Columbus county that when you call them because someone is having fun shooting at you on your property and has you pinned down behind a pile of dirt, let him drive off “because they know him” yet refuse to tell you who it was?
    Law enforcement is very selective in NC. Its who you know, not what you do.

  • 1122121

    The only question I have are which one’s are cheaper. As prior law enforcement I was always told that the white cars are both cheaper at the beginning and re-sell for more at the end. Plus, it is frickin hot as hell in Wilmington for at least 6 months of the year. Why would the WPD want black cars? As far as the intimidating look, who gives a flip. If a police car deters a crime because of the look of the car then Padgett should take one of those dumb hats shes wears and throw it in the air in joy.

  • old guy

    Sorry just saying! Looks just like Leland’s Police Cars!

  • 45654

    This woman is a blithering idiot. She is responsible for making decisions that impact the City of Wilmington?

    I think we should have a coup. Tar and feathers and the like. Usurp these realtors and shady idiots who run this city for their own gain. And this city manager who is three shades too shady himself. Replace them with people who actually care about the city and its employees.

  • 6565

    City council scared of the police?

    Maybe it’s time the police do some investigating of these rats…would probably end in some more interesting headlines than police car paint schemes.

  • Budget What

    I thought Mayor Saffo was on the news this weekend saying that large $1+ million budget cuts would force us to make cuts from our police force. So we are going to put money into new cars, but lay-off officers?

  • ChefnSurf

    And if I may be so bold as to include with your great phrases: “Ms. Padgett seems more nervous about this than an albino penguin at a bowling alley.”


  • Guest2984

    You cops posting to this story are pathetic, perhaps you have forgotten what happens when you are trained to intimidate citizens with cars, swat or anything else. Next time you think about running your cop mouths about the people you are sworn to protect, the name Strickland should come to mind. Shoot a kid though a door over an xbox and then kill his dog.

    What you should have is bicycles with training wheels and a rubber gun because you have made it very clear that you consider the citizens the enemy.

    The attitudes some of you display might be better suited to the MMA rather than to protect and serve. You drive whatever the people tell you to drive.

    If all you can do is run your mouth about the color of a car or bad mouth a councilwoman that expresses an opinion, pack your bags and leave the department, the state, does not matter. You dont have to go home, but you need to get the hell out of the job the citizens have entrusted you with.

    And dont give me this garbage, “well, if you fire us cops who is going to protect you”

    There are 300 million Americans in this country, you dont think we could replace every single one of the 1 million cops on the streets in a matter of a few hours if the country decided to do that.

    You are not special, you took a job, if you dont want to do it, than quit, but whatever you do, shut the hell up.

    Feel free to respond, I love to battle wits with idiots. But in the mean time, please report to the police chief for your brand new bicycle, bike cop.

    Your correct response should have been, ” I dont care what color the car is as long as I can protect as many people as I can while no one gets hurt.”

    Have a nice day!

  • Dakota

    Honestly I think the white car looks cooler but the new design is cool as well. As far as the council woman’s comment aren’t policy cars supposed to be intimidating? This is just me but even if they were pink if still be intemidated.

  • guest704

    She is soooo right. (sense the sarcasm) They ARE very threatening. I won’t be able to sleep tonight after seeing that photograph. I don’t even cross the bridge into Leland, because of their black & white cars. They just scare the living crap out of me. I’m thinking something in a calm pastel color would be nicer. …and we also need to get rid of “POLICE” in all capital letters. That’s scary too. I think a little smiley face on the door, with “Welcome to Wilmington” on the sides. I suppose we can have “police” written in tiny lower-case lettering, so it doesn’t look like it’s being yelled. Perhaps, if they played ice cream truck music while they are driving around too? That way we wouldn’t get startled when they come up behind us. Come to think of it, why don’t we just get rid of Dodge Chargers all together. Perhaps nice looking minivans would be more calming to the public? Maybe a prius or Ford Focus? …while were at it, those guns are scary looking too. Plus, those dark uniforms are intimidating. I’m thinking a nice beachy colored polo shirt with khakis would be nice. …and when officers are out walking their beats, they could hand out brochures for local businesses. They wouldn’t even need to waste tax payer money by taking people to jail. They could just put somebody in ‘timeout’ right there on a street corner. …ok, I’m starting to ramble, but y’all get the point. How does this woman keep getting re-elected??

  • zenobiap

    Shouldn’t we be more concerned about the overly aggressive, low morale people behind the wheel?

  • Reality Check

    Padgett has truly lost touch with reality – the police vehicles SHOULD be easily identified, and if they intimidate, so much the better. It’s always soothing to see a patrol car when I’m driving, so the nuts around me will put down their cell phones and stop whizzing past me while I am doing the speed limit! The police are not here to serve tea and cookies, they are here to protect us; and a certain amount of intimidation is required for them to do their job. I swear I do not understand Padgett’s fractured reasoning; and sincerely do not understand why people keep putting these people back in office, when it is crystal clear that they have gone around the bend. How in the world anyone could take such ridiculous utterings seriously, is way beyond me. Cannot someone stop this insanity in our local governments and bring back sound, logical decisions (and comments!) to improve our beloved Wilmington? I am a Wilmington native, and it breaks my heart to see the mindless, knee-jerk decisions that are made around here. We need to get our City back into the realm of reality, please – before it’s too late. So much damage has been done already by these people that just want to make a name for themselves, and all I want is my beautiful Wilmington to be safe.

  • Zenobia

    The police department in Wilmingron has worse morale than a welding crew on the Titanic. Is buying new cars going to help, or are they just painting a burning building?

  • deputy25

    lets put some little flowers on it and bright colors and maybe a seagull or 2. paint Welcome to Wilmington, home of the scariest Police cars on the back of it with Saffos picture and Padgettes next to his maybe near the dual “TAIL” pipes. on the hood lets paint an Alzaela Bells picture with the picture of Creekwood beside it too.!! not! she is as stupid as they come. This crap is not even worth bringing up. Scary Police Cras. Really Laura. get back in your little muffet shoe and think of something else to say stupid!

  • guest2234

    how about a hybrid, american made car (ford focus?). no need for the police to hot rod around town, they really aren’t ever in a hurry to fight real crime. they just like to push the gas pedal, when they want to.

  • fleebailey

    The black and whites look nice, just like Muldoon and Tooties’. Padgett and Berger should run together on a ticket. I know one is a commissioner and one is a councilwoman.

  • lonetraveler

    With all the real problems like murders, gang violence, breaking and entering, assaults around Wilmington, why the heck should anyone with an ounce of brain worry about the colors of a damn police car. Give me a break! Padgett, go home and decorate your bedroom or something if you are just dying to design and decorate something. Grab a paint brush and paint something, do anything! Just don’t get bored and decide to spend money needlessly, just to be spending it. Leave the damn police cars alone! Worry more about the police catching the bad guys!

  • guesty

    This story is on WILMINGTON Police, not Columbus County.

  • ChefnSurf

    Councilwoman Padgett is concerned. She’s concerned that the new police car design is too intimidating. That concerns her because those cars will “represent the city” (StarNews).

    Meanwhile, back in Council chambers, she doesn’t seem too concerned about all of the crazy shenanigans that are constantly occurring there. She most certainly doesn’t seem too concerned about how City Council “represent the city”.

    If I had to choose just one of these two things to be concerned about, it wouldn’t be the police cars.

  • SayWha?

    Wow. You’re fun to watch. When all of that pent up anger comes pounding out of your keyboard, you obviously have no compunction whatsoever about tossing out your common sense at the same time as well. I wonder if you’re aware of that.

    As to that explaining yourself twice thing; I’m sure you wouldn’t like to. It must be hard enough to keep track of all of that gobbledygook you posted the first time, much less trying to explain it twice. That would be a daunting task for anyone, much less someone with an anger issue. You might even need a flow chart with appropriate symbols to express the endless loop created by your saying “feel free to respond” to something that you didn’t actually want a response to. Goodness knows, I personally wouldn’t like to have to explain that one once, much less twice.

    Oh drat! Now I feel bad for you again. On the other hand, maybe what I’m feeling is just the spillover effect created by some of that ethos and pathos and logos stuff you were using.


  • Guest2984

    Since you responded to a rhetorical statement that required no response rather then the last sentence. Thank you for outing yourself as the rhetorical idiot.

    “A rhetorical statement is typically an assertion that uses devices or methods often found in rhetoric to become more meaningful or persuasive. This can include the use of different devices that establish connections between various ideas, such as allegory or metaphor, or that create an impact through exaggeration. There are certain concepts often found in this type of statement, including the use of ethos, pathos, and logos in an argument. A rhetorical statement can also refer to a type of question that is not meant to elicit a proper answer, often called a “rhetorical question.””

    Sure, you passed BLET, how about anything past high school? I only ask so I know where to target your reading comprehension level before we get into car color fashions. I don’t like to have to explain myself twice.

    Have a nicer day today! Don’t forget to check with the Chief for your brand new and shinny bicycle.

    In the future, perhaps the person the post was directed at might not want to play fear monger and blame the crime problem on every citizen of Wilmington with blanket statements and maybe no one will tell the poster to shut the hell up.

    Personally if it were up to me, there would be no discussion regarding the paint job on a police car since I would paint every police car white with a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights painted on the hood, doors and trunk in black.

    I would also do the same to your police uniform. After all, police officers swear an oath to protect it above all else.

    Anything less, hit the bricks.

  • guest111

    Personally I see no need to change the car design. . .Especially at the price quoted. The cars we have now are nice, sleek and I don’t see any issues. The block design (checker board look) remind me of police cars way back when and a clown car. Leave them alone.

  • ChrisInEtown

    Ms. Padgett, when you came to your decision that the new paint style was “intimidating”, didn’t something inside tell you not to open your mouth. How in the world do you expect to keep your job making such ludicrous statements? Allow me to assist you. Law Enforcement fights crime and criminals. Intimidation can be a usefull tool with criminals. The public wants safe streets. Let’s give our officers what they need to do their jobs.

    Please, THINK before you speak again. You’re embarrassing us all.

  • SteboArt

    Perhaps Councilwoman Laura Padgett should go back and watch some of the Andy Griffith shows. The old standard of police cars were black and white. With all the trouble we are facing as a community, it’s hard to believe Laura Padgett has focused on something as non concerning as the color/design of our city police cars. I personally like the new design, it reminds me of the old days when, like in the Andy Griffith show, the standard police cars were black and white.

  • guesty

    Still mad you couldn’t make it through BLET?

  • Citizen Ricky

    It wouldn’t surprise me if you drove a Port City Cab. And was behind on child support.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Who gives a “RATS A**?”

  • Not Scared

    Have you been to Elizabethtown in the past 15 years? This is the same design they have had on their cars, with Elizabethtown instead of Wilmington on the doors. Must not be too intimidating to the law abiding citizens if they have kept it for that long. When I travel across the state I see many black and white police cars. I for one am glad to see that Wilmington Police is catching up with the times. The cars they have now look so outdated. Perhaps Ms. Padgette and any other scared council members need to get out more often.

  • SayWha?

    At first I felt sorry for you because I thought you were saying that it was just easier for you to battle wits with idiots rather than smart people … but … then I re-read your post and realized that what you were really saying was that you just like battling with idiots.

    Of course, that still makes me feel somewhat bad for you, so I’m going to give you some help by providing you with an unlimited supply of idiots to battle with … Try the mirror.

  • PublicAvenger

    Raleigh has had the same colors for over 50 years. Our cars became modern, 8 years ago, with the high-tech striping. While keeping our traditional, white with blue look. They look professional, and give us a unique signature. A look we have had, going on 40 years. They look good the way they are. I would not change them at all. It would be great to see the same basic design, 30 years from now.

  • Danielle

    they already have cars. put the money somewhere else. its so annoying seeing the government spend money on things that aren’t a priority. they need to hire someone who knows how to be frugal.

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