Roger Bacon Academy public records request delayed


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — It’s been more than a month since we requested names, salaries, and positions of all faculty and staff of Roger Bacon Academy.

If the educational management company does not turn over the information in a reasonable time frame, it could lose its charter.

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The charter agreement requires all schools to follow the public records law. This means charter schools must provide information that is public record in a reasonable amount of time or face losing their charter.

“The wages, salary, where the money is going, I think a lot of people would like to know that information,” Charter Day School grandparent Barbara Huston said.

But what is considered a reasonable amount of time?

The Office of Charter Schools Director, Joel Medley says there is no time frame in the law.

But parents and grandparents picking up their students from charter day school say there should not be a problem getting the information requested, especially after a month of waiting.

“I think a month should be a reasonable time,” Charter Day School grandparent Ruthlene Freeman said. “I don’t understand what is causing them not to have it in, but that’s something we as parents are concerned about.”

“I don’t think there should be a problem getting the information if you don’t have anything to hide,” Huston said.

They say if Roger Bacon Academy lost its charter, it would be a shame not only for students, but for parents as well.

“I definitely hope they get the information in in time because Roger Bacon is an excellent school,” Freeman explained. “Both my grandsons attend, and that would be really, really devastating for the parents, and especially for the children.”

Roger Bacon Academy’s public information officer Sawyer Batten said in an e-mail she would respond to our request soon. That was nearly a month ago.

In a later e-mail she said due to the complexity of North Carolina laws and privacy interests, the response requires careful analysis and consideration. But she said they would respond soon.

Medley says if a formal complaint is submitted, with supporting documentation, they will look into the matter to find out if a charter provisions have been violated.