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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It took police negotiators more than 11 hours, but the standoff in Mayfaire ended peacefully Tuesday night.

Now we are learning more about what happened inside the apartment where a police officer barricaded himself with a gun, and why the situation was handled with such secrecy.

“He’s hurt. He’s disappointed with himself. He feels he’s disappointed us,” the man’s mother said in a 911 call.

The woman said her son was going through severe trauma. She said what raised the red flag was a text from her son saying, “I love you mom. I love you dad.”

“He’s falling apart emotionally,” she said. “He’s falling apart.”

The officer’s mother went on to say her son had a police radio with him. That forced officers to change tactics and radio channels.

“It changed the dynamics dramatically, OK?” Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said today. “It was not a normal situation, so we had to try to keep things as quiet as possible and go dark as much as we could until we could get everything set up.”

That left many neighbors concerned for their safety, but Evangelous says it had to be done to keep the situation from turing deadly.

“One of the criticisms we’ve heard is that we didn’t put out information,” Evangelous said. “Well, let me tell you what we are dealing with. We’re dealing with news media alerts blowing up his phone. We were dealing with people texting him, even from within the apartment complex.”

The officer was taken to the hospital for evaluation Tuesday night.

“The individual is getting some help,” the chief said. “We’ll see how the whole process goes for him.”

Chief Evangelous says everyone involved in ending the standoff has not sat down to debrief yet, but when they do he says they will discuss what they did right, and what they could have done better.


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  • Alan

    I too, am surprised they didn’t just execute him like the MANY other local incidents where the police just “didn’t have time for” resolving it peacefully and appropriately. Sooooo corrupt. WPD operates outside the constitution. Fourth Amendment is dead.

  • zenobia

    Since local law enforcement, what with all the secret peeping, rape of minors, selling drugs, robbing drug stores (and then selling the drugs) and solicitation of prostitutes is SO upstanding that we have to be felons to have a negative view of them? Where are the “good apples”?

  • droppy

    That would be “amoebae” … if you’re going to try to sound insulting by calling people names, at least use proper spelling.

  • Help save us from the corruption

    We know everything about mental illness, we have relatives who have a real mental illness, this police officer is not mentally ill. You are attempting to hide him under a false veil. We have relatives who had real mental illnesses that were given no mercy by police and thrown in jail and taken off their medications. We are not the ones in trouble with the law. The Wilmington Police Department can’t stay out of the news though, the truth is coming to light. And you are probably one the corrupt police man yourself. Are you a little worried? You should be, looks like the….natives are getting restless.

  • cindy

    The individuals that have written negative statements, may have also been in trouble with law enforcement and can only view things negatively. Apparently, these people know nothing about mental illness.

  • Bob Johnson

    He wanted to off himself because he realized he works for the most corrupt police force in the state. I’m surprised the police didn’t just blow his door down and shoot him 26 times. I guess since he wasn’t holding a PS3 or a squirt gun he wasn’t a threat.

  • bETH

    Animals have more compassion for their fellow animals than most humans do for human kind. Based on the comments here, I would say you all are amoebas at best.

  • Heimie Schmelter

    …your in-breeding, you would avoid your mental illnesses and stop your family from getting arrested in the first place. THEN, you can go get a job and attempt to support yourself!

  • guest of the month

    The opinions and rhetoric in the comments here,(without actual knowledge) is ridiculous.

    SOP in any situation when a suspect has access to radio frequencies used by police is for all police to go “quiet”.
    No communication which can endanger the operation. Not on radio and no communication with the press or residents.

    You people need to get off the comment boards and go out and do some volunteering or something.

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