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SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY)– The first effects of hurricane Arthur in our area were felt in Brunswick County.

The rain started hitting the Brunswick County beaches early this morning, but that did not stop people from being curious to see what the ocean looked like today. Everyone from tourists to residents were out exploring at Sunset Beach. Most of them said they wanted to see what the storm looked like out on the water.

They did not seem to be concerned with safety despite Arthur strengthening from a tropical storm to a hurricane. One resident was concerned about the possible damage.

“I am concerned about Ocean Isle,” Tony Iannotta said. “Maybe some erosion. I’ve already seen the effects of past storms. I hope for the best and wish everyone well.”

Among the big concerns as the storm moves by is beach erosion.
Afterward, there will likely still be a high rip current risk, which could cause problems as people head back to the beach Friday.


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