Hurricane Arthur doesn’t turn away tourists


    As the saying goes “if you don’t like the weather in Eastern North Carolina, just wait a day”, and that stood true on Thursday.
    Strong winds, heavy rain, and even tornadoes brought by Hurricane Arthur as it grazed by Southeastern North Carolina Thursday which couldn’t be found by Friday morning.
    Arthur arrived just as visitors did for the Fourth of July weekend and tropical conditions were a little more than what most of them expected, but for folks like Randall Thompson, he’s glad that’s all we got.
    Thompson said, “if it would have been a category 3, I would have been headed back to Blue Ridge, Georgia. I’d been out of here!”
    Fortunately, Hurricane Arthur created only minor damage in our area.
    He commented, “the roof is still on the house, all the tress still stand, we good.”
    But even as a category 2 hurricane, Arthur didn’t put too much of a damper on anyone’s holiday weekend.
    Waking up Friday morning, Arthur was already a distant memory to many.
    Wrightsville beach visitor, Steve Woodward said “Yeah! It’s beautiful today, we thought we would come down. The few little places we rode to, we really wouldn’t know there was a hurricane to be honest.”
    Lots of sunshine and light sea breeze filled the air as beaches were flooded with surfers, locals, and visitors from all over.
    And many were just excited that 4th of July celebrations will go on as planned.