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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington City Councilwoman Laura Padgett will be reimbursed for going over her travel budget.

In a 5-2 vote Tuesday night, the council approved giving Padgett $450.10 back. She said she went over her $2,750 budget. It was for three trips, which she said are very important to maintaining relationships and gaining information for the city.

“I have been for the last several years, starting in 2008, a speaker on many national agendas. When I do that, I recognize the City of Wilmington,” Padgett said. “We’ve always had to justify the expense. It’s not caterwauling off into some wonderful vacation spot. It’s work. It’s time away from home, family, children and business. It’s impossible to participate in state and national organizations and not spend some money.”

Mayor Bill Saffo said the travel budget for him, and the council is $20,000 a year, and they have not exceeded that.

This is not the first time Padgett’s travel expenses have been an issue. Three years ago council voted to increase each member’s travel budget and tweak the reimbursement policy if a member went over their allotment after Padgett was denied a request to be reimbursed after exceeding her travel budget.


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  • kirk

    Did she fly business class?
    Did she stay in a five-star hotel?
    Were all her meals eaten in an expensive restaurant?
    What are her allowances?

  • guest45

    that’s the whole problem in a nutshell, “BUDGET”, that’s a word no one in politics seem to know, as long as it is coming out of the taxpayers pocket, why should they worry, until we say enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Guest7969

    Smudget….she doesn’t need to follow a budget when she has the fine Wilmington taxpayers paying the tab! Keep electing them Wilmington…sit on your rear ends at home when elections are going on…this is what happens.

  • lonetraveler

    Has she never heard of “net meeting”? Traveling for every meeting is no longer needed or justified. Why not have a video conference where all involved parties can meet online; this would not only save her travel expense but everyone else in on the conference. It appears that money is no object when you are spending taxpayers’ money. I say if you have consumed your travel budget, then don’t travel.

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