ONLY ON 3: Clarkton residents say something’s wrong with exorbitant water bills


CLARKTON, NC (WWAY) — Some residents in Clarkton say there’s something wrong with their water bills. They say say it’s a problem that should have been fixed months ago.

Clarkton resident Asante Meares has been paying a high water bill for several months now. She says the high price just can’t be possible.

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While the average monthly water bill in Wilmington is less than $70, the Town of Clarkton charges Meares up to $350 for her water in just one month.

She and many others, who did not want to talk on camera, are seeking help.

“What we really need to do as a community is try to get somebody to figure out what’s going on that’s making our bills so high,” Meares said.

Meares has reached out already.

“People from the town have come and checked my house to make sure I don’t have a leak,” she said. “There is no leak. My landlord has been out here. There is no leak.”

Meares says even with a job and effort to fix the situation, she cannot afford these bills and is forced to live without water at her home.

“This is a little community. This is a rural area. We don’t have much here, so we need help help,” she said.

Clarkton Town Attorney Cliff Hester said he had no idea about the problem. He says when residents have concerns like this, they should attend the monthly town council meeting to speak up and make the problems known.

Meares says she plans to go to the next town meeting Aug. 5. For now, she has to rely on friends and family for water.