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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — State documents say a company is considering bringing a thousand jobs to Brunswick County, but the county’s economic development chief says everything is still very preliminary.

Brunswick County Economic Development Commission Executive Director Jim Bradshaw says it is working with 13 industrial prospects.

The NC Board of Transportation this week, though, approved spending $200,000 for rail access and safety improvements for something called “Project Diamond” that would bring a thousand jobs to an industrial park at the Brunswick-Columbus county line.

But bradshaw says this project, like others, has several more steps to go through before anything happens.

“Most of the industrial prospects we are working with will take months to make a decision and are looking at multiple states, including this one,” Bradshaw said in an e-mail. “We want to make sure we have the best package we can to present so we can remain competitive.”

A Brunswick County commissioner says it is not an easy process.

“Obviously any large company looking to move a facility, it’s not like going to the store and buying a cell phone. It’s not an overnight decision,” Commissioner Frank Williams said. “It’s more like buying a house as far as putting it in family terms. It’s something you think about and take some time to make sure to do it right.”

Bradshaw says the money the Board of Transportation approved is one of several grants BCEDC will pursue as they try to attract prospective companies.

In the past few years, Brunswick County has gotten close to attracting companies like Caterpillar, Continental Tire and Mitsubishi. All the companies chose other locations in other states.


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