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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police say a man who was spotted swimming in the Cape Fear River near Downtown Wilmington’s Riverwalk early Sunday was cited after he went under several times before finally getting out safely.

Wilmington Police say witnesses noticed the man swimming in the river near 225 South Water St. around 1:30 a.m. Sunday after he reportedly jumped in from the southernmost part of the Riverwalk. Officers say while he was wading in the water there, he went under several times before they say witnesses lost sight of him near Castle Street.

WPD and Sable helped in the search to find the man as he drifted, finally finding him in the water under an overpass near Queen Street. Once officers got the man out of the river safely, they say they cited him for swimming in the river. EMS was called to the scene, but police say the man ended up leaving in a cab.


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  • Guest6969696969

    Will they make the Beach Illegal to swim at next?
    WHY? Is it *Illegal* to swim in the CFR?
    When, was this implentented?
    Let a Person take thier own responsability for THIER own actions.. If Someone incurs “cost” of the EMS & related services, Charge the person for the cost of “rescue”.. If there is indeed one warrented…
    As another poster suggested, Let Natural selection run its course…

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