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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man spent his birthday behind bars after being arrested yesterday.

Oscar Castro, 24, appeared in court today after he was arrested last night on multiple charges including sexual battery.

Police reports say Castro pulled in to the Wimbledon Chase apartment complex, began calling out to two women near the pool and when neither of them came to his vehicle, he got out and grabbed one of the victims’ breasts. Reports say after the assault two men came over from the pool to help, before Castro got back in his car and drove off.

After police arrived and began talking with the victims, Castro came back to the parking lot. When police told him to stop, they say Castro cursed at them and kept driving before hitting the back of a patrol car and taking off again.

Officers pursued him toward Varsity Drive, where he finally stopped, but refused to obey verbal commands. Police say Castro continued yelling at them until they tased him and took him into custody.

He made his first appearance today charged with sexual battery, hit and run, failure to stop for blue lights and sirens and resisting arrest.

Castro declined our request for a jailhouse interview.


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  • Guest2020

    My great grandmother emigrated here from Hungary. She followed the laws and entered this country legally. That is all we want of anyone who comes here. Regardless of color or nationality, a person who cannot respect our laws enough to come here legally, needs to be sent packing and made to wait in line like the ones who respect our laws. It has nothing to do with race. It just seems like that because almost all of the illegal immigrants are Hispanic.

  • Heimie Schmelter

    So you call harassing women “A mistake”? You call sexually assaulting a woman “a mistake”? You really think evading police, ramming their car and then resisting arrest is “a mistake”? You really need to get medication for whatever it is that you have going on!

    The only mistakes I can see here are at least 20 grammatical and spelling errors in your post and the evident fact that you likely didn’t progress beyond the fourth grade. THAT is a mistake! Now if your drinking is causing you to write stuff like this, you need to stop!

  • Heimie Schmelter

    The first Americans worked hard to get here! They didn’t lie, steal and cheat to do it. The immigrants that this country is based on, immigrated by the law, by the rules and earned the right to to be American citizens. I, to this day, praise that process and welcome ANY individual that pursues it in that manner. Americans detest those that DO NOT follow the immigration process, that illegally enter our country, invade our social security system that that haven’t payed a dime into, get free medical care to farm babies that they do not earn, eat free with the EBT benefits they have never contributed to and do all of this without paying taxes.
    The people that deserve to be here are the ones that pay their way, follow the law, pay their taxes and don’t milk off of society and government. They certainly won’t allow me to do that in Mexico, they would just lock me up like that poor Marine they have down there right now. Our hospitals are full of you, our prisons are full of you and I feel like a freekin’ tourist at a Mexican beach every time I visit the beach. This has nothing to do with racism. This has to do with economics and it has to do with LAW.
    Now, talking about head being in backside? When will YOURS pop out?

  • Guest2020

    Putting on one blue sock and one black sock is a mistake. Putting salt in your coffee instead of sugar is a mistake. Harassing people and sexual battery are choices, not mistakes. I don’t care who he is or where he is from, these were choices he made, not mistakes.

  • Tell It Like It Is

    All of you commenting about illegals, Mexicans, Hispanics, anything related to color………… Take a moment out of your miserable days & for just one moment………. imagine how the First Americans felt……. the Native Americans. This country doesn’t belong to any of us for you people to sit and decide who deserves to be here. Get your head out of your backsides. End racism!

  • karla

    Dont judge a book by its cover ever heared of that idiots ? You guys cant assume his from mexico just because his brown his from cali has papers and works part time stop judging him . Everybody makes mistakes so shut up and stop asumming stuff .

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