NC ranked 6th scariest state in US


    WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — North Carolina ranks 46th in teacher pay, 31st in unemployement rates and it’s now the sixth scariest state in America.

    Real estate search site Estately used 15 common fears from clowns to dentists, hurricanes, shark attacks, tornadoes and meth labs to figure out which states are scariest.

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    Some people we found do not agree.

    “It’s not that scary,” one person told us. “I don’t understand why people are so scared. We live in paradise.”

    “I would say North Carolina to me is not scary at all,” another person said. “I love it very much.”

    Others have a different view.

    “I think the ranking is pretty fair for the state,” one person said.

    “I don’t think of scary places as North Carolina, the beach,” another said. “New York, sure.”

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    “There’s other places that storm worse,” one North Carolina resident said. “Hurricanes? I’ve lived here for six years and there’s been two that have brushed the coast and nothing major.”

    The state ranked low when it came to amount of dentists and volcanos, but how did other states fare? Coming in at the top of the list is Florida for its fear of hurricanes, shark attacks and tornadoes.

    The least scariest state? South Dakota, which ranks low on the list for clowns and bears.

    “I think South Dakota would be low because, I mean, nobody really lives there,” one person told us.

    But Chris Baz says there are ways to avoid these fears from becoming reality.

    “Whenever I go to the beach, I make sure there’s other people around me so they get eaten before I do,” Baz said.