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SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — Town workers were doing maintenance yards away from about a dozen mobile homes off hwy 50 last month.

Witnesses say 55-year-old Michael L. Jordan approached one of the workers, 61-year-old Randall Worthington while he was on-the-job.

Neighbors watching say Jordan had been drinking and was carrying a drink when he walked over to the site. Neighbors say the two men knew each other and even called them friends. They say it started as a joke, but turned serious.

Warrants say Jordan stepped on Worthington’s foot and raked dog feces off on Worthington’s shoe, that’s when neighbors say Worthington put Jordan in a choke hold causing serious bruising around his neck.
Worthington is charged with assault inflicting serious injury by breaking Jordan’s jaw and Jordan is charged with simple assault.

Deborah McCumbee says Jordan was staying with her at the time of the incident. McCumbee says he was living there for about three months, but she kicked him out after he became violent. Other neighbors also say he has a history of violence.


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  • Matt

    Sounds just like surf city

  • burgerboy

    I dont give a rip if some liberal rubs doggy doo doo on my shoe im going to whomp the donk out of their dumbocrat butt! that dingbat deserved it!

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