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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As the governor took time today to visit Wilmington’s move studio, the push in Hollywood East for film incentives continues.

Today supporters renewed their calls, as they stood with a NC House candidate who backs them.

“I don’t want to chase work around, but I probably will have to,” said film crew member Scott Siler.

He has has been working in the film industry for more than 20 years. He says he’s tired of waiting for a decision on film incentives.

“You have to be competitive to get work here, and that’s not what North Carolina is willing to do,” Siler said.

That’s why Betsy Jordan is running for the 20th District House seat that represents part of New Hanover County. Jordan, a Democrat, has been working on the Governor’s Film Council for 12 years. When she heard about the first bill against the film industry she took it personally and decided to run for office.

“Didn’t we hear that the state is having a budget crisis because of tax reform? And now we’re trying to get rid of an industry,” Jordan said.

Despite all the rallying, lobbying and campaigning, Jordan does not think state leaders get it.

“While they’re saying we want to do something to keep film industry going, they’re really not taking that action,” she said. “They’re saying that, but not doing that.”

District 20 Incumbent Rep. Rick Catlin, a Republican, responded.

“I have voted to support the (Rep. Ted) Davis film industry amendment to the House budget,” Catlin wrote in a text message to WWAY. “The challenge is to first find the budget funding to increase teachers pay and protect the teacher assistants. We are still working on it.”

Siler says he only has one focus right now while he waits for a decision.

“I just have to do this job, and know that it might be the last job in this state,” Siler said.


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