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BOLIVIA, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is saddened to report the passing of K9 Officer “Clyde.” Clyde was part of the bloodhound team along Deputies Josh Smith and Chris Powell, and canine sister “Bonnie.” Clyde was handled primarily by Deputy Powell.

“Clyde had a very unique personality. He was a real go-getter,” said Deputy Powell. “He was happy and loving and all he wanted to do was to please. He was a very hard worker, often working until he was too tired to go anymore. He was a very talented tracker and assisted in many searches over the years. This is a devastating loss for me. He will always hold a special place in my heart and will be greatly missed.”

Clyde, along with his sister Bonnie, were donated to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office in 2009. He was fostered and cared for by members of the Sheriff’s Office until he was ready for training. Deputy Powell worked with Clyde since his arrival.

Clyde passed away over the weekend of natural causes.


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